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Get to Know More About Heat Press Machine

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When the world evolved, people changed, and technology changed as the days pass by. People go for things that make their lives better and easier, with no struggles! The heat press machine happens to be among such things.

What is Heat Press Machine?

Heat press machines have no big significant difference from irons. They are typically commercial irons used to pressure and heat garments. It is mandatory for most t-shirt printing as well as other decorations. It is widely used in the decoration world for various activities; applying white toner printers, in sublimation transfers, sealing inks in garment printers, etc.

The Best Heat Press Machine

Choosing the best heat press machine depends on the type of garment, t-shirt, or anything else you are to produce. The first step is knowing what you are to heat press and then choosing the best press machine for that application. Depending on the application, the press might be smaller and even less expensive. However, such press lacks commercial quality for commercial.


For the machine to be durable, the construction has to be stand up. This is because the press is used throughout the day. This means that there are very many different heat presses depending on the construction quality. Durability and quality affect the heat press machine price in Kenya.

How Does it Work?

The heat press machine has two platens, the top plate, and the bottom plate. The top plate, the heat plate, heats up to the temperature set once it is turned on. Most machines will have a digital display where time and temperature can be set.

Are There Alternatives?

Yes! There are alternatives. Household iron can be used to apply HTV. However, using a heat press is faster and easier. But when used correctly, it is possible to achieve the desired, quality press. For status, ensure that your workspace is well set up, choose the linen setting, press and hold for 30 seconds then move to the next area. Use a cover sheet to cover your garment. The center of the iron gets the most heat, therefore, make that your point of focus.

Longevity of the Heat Press Shirt

How long the print lasts depends on how much your wash your shirt. The manufacturer claims that the print could last up o 50 washes with good care. However, it cracks and fades after that. Other than washing, the use of hot water, dryer, soaking, ironing, and not letting it settle before washing also determine how long the print lasts.


The best machines for businesses are those that come with warranties and technical support. However, you can get second-hand heat presses that do not come with warrants and support. For a starting business with no capital, they could consider this for a start and then change to something better as time goes on.


Heat press machines are the new life of the designer clothes we see around. with only an average investment, you make a worthy profit margin from such a business. Heat press machines are fashion savers. Before purchasing any machine, ensure a carefully researched strategy and good warrants and technical support.