Many people find themselves in a position where their air conditioning gas needs to be topped up. The question is, how do you know when it’s time? You may want to start by considering these top tips that will help you get the perfect aircon gas top up price.

1. How old is the air conditioning unit?

If your air conditioning unit was installed before 2005, then it will likely be using R22 refrigerant gas rather than the more environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant gas. New units use R410A because this refrigerant doesn’t harm the ozone layer in the same way that R22 does, so it makes sense to upgrade if you can. If you can’t or haven’t yet done so, don’t worry though; simply follow these top tips for getting the perfect aircon gas top up price?

2. Is your compressor working efficiently?

If your compressor isn’t working efficiently, then it’s probably running on low refrigerant levels which means that not enough cool air is being produced. This means you need to get the aircon gas top up price as soon as possible, but be sure to get it done by a qualified technician because there are also other problems that could cause inefficient running of the compressor which need to be sorted out before you go ahead and top up with refrigerant gas.

3. What about your indoor unit?

If you regularly switch your air conditioning unit on and it’s telling you that low levels of refrigerant are present, then this may indicate that your indoor unit is leaking refrigerant gas so needs urgent attention too. Top up only when the problem has been clearly identified through or things could become much worse! Furthermore, don’t try to diagnose leaks yourself if you aren’t 100% confident in doing so because this could void your warranty on the unit.

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4. Is it a split system?

If you have a split air conditioning system then there’s no need to worry about topping up with refrigerant gas unless any of the above problems become an issue, as the refrigerant gas will be added automatically when the indoor unit is serviced. However, if you want to work out how long your outdoor unit has been in use, simply multiply its age by two and divide by 12 to find out how many months it’s been running. Of course, don’t forget that having an efficient air conditioning unit isn’t just about getting a good quality gas top-up – here are some other things you can do yourself which will help your air conditioner to run as efficiently as possible.

5. Can you smell the gas?

The most obvious sign that your air conditioning unit needs a gas top-up will be when you smell the gas. If this happens, stop using the unit immediately and get it fixed right away by a qualified technician who can check for leaks with the help of specialized equipment which they have available to them at their service visits. One thing to note is that propane refrigerant contains strong odors of its own, so if you ever detect an unusual or unpleasant smell coming from your outdoor unit then don’t worry about it – it’s unlikely that there’s any problem with your system because units are thoroughly tested before being released the market place.

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