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Global Forwarding Companies:

Nowadays a number of companies are working for Global Freight Forwarding. It is a freight forwarding on a higher level, because it has been working on an international level.

The work of Global Freight Forwarding companies is the transfer, or import and export or the shipment of products on international level from one place to another. It depends on the order of the clients or companies which way of shipment they want to use. It has a lot of ways of shipment. It can be by railway, airline, road, or sea etc, depending upon the order, nature of products, their cost-management etc.

On the outside it seems quite a difficult process but it is not that much, it seems quite an enjoyable and adventurous type as well once you have started working on it.

Facts about Global Freight Forwarding companies:

Here we are presenting you with some of the most important facts about Freight Forwarding companies before working with one of them whether about employment or shipment of your goods;

  1. The work of a Freight Forwarding companies is to manage whole process of shipping of goods not about transferring them on their own but managing all the process from their shipping, storage, packing, delivery on time etc. they have to keep in mind about the prices of the products, any damage done to the products, routes which may prove fastest.
  2. In order to make the import and export of your products less stressful you can contact a Freight Forwarding company to make all of your business less stressful. Because they help you in all the things related to shipping of your products like;
    • Custom clearance.

● Documentation.
● Packing.

  •  Storage &
  • Inventory management.
  1. It gives you a number of advantages in your business like saving of money and time etc. you do not need to worry about all this and can focus on the other things of your business to make it more flourished.
  2. If something like bad weather occurs and your shipping gets a bit late it’s not the responsibility of a Freight Forwarder or company because the delay has not occurred because of their irresponsibility.
  3. You also need to maintain a good relationship with your Global Freight Forwarding Company because it has managed a lot of your work, no doubt taking money but management is also a big deal. And always choose the one on which you can establish your trust for servicing.
  4. Global Freight Forwarding companies are restricted on the shipment of certain types of products and if you are going to import or export any of these types of goods so better do it yourself, no doubt the prohibition varies for different companies but you must check the rules and regulations of the company. Most prohibited one products include;
  • Toxic goods.
  • Alcohol or drugs.
  • Foods are likely to get spoiled quickly.
  • Sharp objects.
  1. Every company has their own rules and regulations. Some of the Freight Forwarding companies also offer extra services, so if you are going to take service from them, discuss with detail about everything they are going to offer you.
  2. Then there is a huge documentation process while working with a Global Freight Forwarding company like;
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Bill of lading contract.
  • Certificate of the statement.
  • Inspection certificate.
  • License.
  • Packing list.
  • Declaration document.
  1. One of the experienced Global Freight Forwarding companies have very reliable networks and connections which help you in quickest delivery and also cost management of shipping.
  2. Some companies work for different types of cargoes but some specialize  in specific types. It’s better to choose the one that specializes in delivery of the product you are working on.

Top 5 Global Freight Forwarding Companies:

  1. DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding.
  2. Kuehne + Nagel.
  3. DB Schener.
  4. DSV Panalpina.
  5. Sinotrans.