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Great Tips for Improving the Laundry Room

You’ve probably seen a commercial for a new laundry room with a super cool washing machine or dryer. That’s great, but it’s just not in our budget right now. You won’t see me building my own washing machine anytime soon either because I know that would be a terrible idea. We can still make our laundry room better though even though we don’t have the money to buy fancy machines.

A great laundry room requires a bit of planning, skill and maintenance. The laundry room is an important part of any household, which is why you need the best tips to make your laundry room stand out.

1. Save Space- Use your washer and dryer like an island

You don’t need to spend a fortune on clothes dryers. For small households, it’s not only cheaper but also more efficient to use your washer and dryer as islands in your laundry room instead of setting them up side by side. The dryer will be more energy efficient than a traditional clothes dryer and the washer will save you money by doing the work of two different machines.

A clothes washer is no larger than a typical washing machine and has fewer parts. The laundry tubs are just large enough for bulky clothing like towels, bedding, and tablecloths; there is no place for delicate items such as lingerie or wool sweaters.

The washer has a drain valve that allows water to flow from the tub into the drain without damaging delicate garments.

2. No Wrinkles- Make sure clothing goes directly from the dryer to the closet or drawers

Keeping your clothes wrinkle-free is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to laundry day. One way to avoid wrinkles entirely is by making sure clothing goes directly from the dryer to the closet or drawers. If you don’t have enough space in your home for a built-in ironing board, consider installing one on a wall near your washer and dryer so that it won’t take up valuable real estate elsewhere in your home!

3. Put it away- Put dirty clothes in the hamper immediately

Put dirty clothes in the hamper immediately. Don’t let them pile up on the floor and then have to sort through them later. This is one of those things that you don’t notice you’re doing until your partner points it out, so just go ahead and put the laundry away right away.

4. Stay out of your laundry room

When you’re in your laundry room, it’s tough to get anything done. I know this from experience. I have been stuck in the laundry room for seven years now, ever since I moved into my house.

One day, months after moving in, I went down to the basement and noticed that there was a whole other section that I had never seen before. It has a separate door, and it has its own washing machine and dryer.

I thought about checking it out, but then I remembered all the times when I had gone exploring in similar situations and gotten trapped. So instead I decided to just stay out of that part of the basement completely from now on.

So far this strategy has worked pretty well. For all these years I’ve stayed out of there and got nothing done.

Don’t overlook the laundry room in your home improvement plans. You can have fun with this space and make it custom fit your needs while complimenting your home’s overall décor.

If while you were trying to make your laundry room more efficient you discovered your dryer needs repair, you should contact a Winnipeg appliance repair company today.

As long as you don’t expect a huge burst of extra storage space, you will likely be quite pleased with the results. Just consider it a new spin on an old necessity.