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Harlem Houses: What to Know?

The Harlem House is famous for its most historical and architectural center of Manhattan, which has a significantly varied neighborhood, known for its delicious street food, romantic jazz areas and incredible brownstones. This updated building has all the modern facilities you’ll need without leaving a historic Harlem area, involving the lumber floors and unprotected brick walls.

Our service will help you select exactly the option for a holiday that you need most and according to your payment parameters. From this point of view, you should refer to Harlem houses and our managers will provide you with all necessary information.

The Importance of the Location

This area is located in the most safe and pleasant neighborhood of Harlem. Due to this fact, every person can conveniently get to the center of Manhattan. The Harlem Community is a 7-minute walk from two 136 St subway stations, which are all travel icons that New York City can to offer.

The locality involves a nearby YMCA, wild-natured St. varied traditional dishes traditional food to Latin tapas and snacks.

Varied Space

The house serves as an updated and significantly modernized building with all indispensable, panoramic windows and other valuable details. blocks connected to each other. Each of them has various well-secured bedrooms, a renovated bathroom and a convenient go through the apartment.

Inside the Apartments

The members of the community have worked with the foreign perfect and updated for all of our customers in any apartments of the house. As for the equipment, we’ve utilized only the best appliances and ingredients, from real wooden backgrounds to silky countertops. We have prepared a lot of subtleties that would bring you only the best pleasure in terms of the comfort, just have a look at the following issues:

  • reliable Wi-Fi;
  • dedicated maintenance team;
  • furnished interiors;
  • Community holidays.

However, this is not the whole list of appliances that we suggest to all of our customers. We are glad to make you and your family happy.

Our Perfect Rooms

All bedrooms in the Harlem House are fully-private, follow confidentiality and include king-size beds. In these accommodations, the kitchen and dining areas are the central rooms while entering. These rooms are utilized for preparing dinner and chilling in the evening with a book and a cup of tea.

As for the living room, its centric object of each apartment in the Harlem House. It includes sofas, flatscreen TVs and a table for studying, working or eating. Whether a person is cooking with their cohabitants or watching the newly-made Netflix films, the shared areas in these spheres are equipped with everything a customer needs.


Living in these apartments will bring you only the best emotions and impressions. Our team creates all the conditions for you to feel comfortable and confident. You have the opportunity to choose exactly those apartments that best suit your budget and immediate preferences