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Apart from food, clothing, shelter, and medicine known as mandatory requirements for humans to keep alive, there are many other things without which humans will live but not lead a contended life. Just imagine if we have no access to news, we all in one voice will express ourselves by stating “Life’s dull”, “Life is not worth living” and likewise, a whole lot of depressive statements of expression.

Many centuries ago, history tells us there were ways that prevailed where people the world over got to hear news. Ancient of all was news spread by word of mouth. Since most people were living in a community known as villages, In the evenings they met and probably around a campfire discussed and shared what they heard during the day amongst all of them.

Times more ancient than this history tells us pigeons were used to carry messages tied in their claws to people living away to keep them informed. All this tells us how important News were to people. Thereafter news happened in print, on newspapers which is one most popular and widely used method to access news today. News keeps everyone of us informed on almost everything what’s going around locally or around the world.

Importance of News

How true and accurate the saying “No news is like shutting the door on one” Without news one’s life will be in total darkness is to express it another way. People  depend on news to keep abreast of what’s happening on subjects and events that they are interested in. News of a profession will be important to all in that profession.

Example. Here’s the latest news. A new device has been introduced yesterday for all medical doctors which will ( details continue) . And this will interest all the doctors in the medical profession. Likewise, news has no limits. It expands beyond boundaries of countries, and all people in the world from kids to the most elderly are heavily depended on news for various reasons such as general knowledge, entertainment sports, other articles on various subjects and matter to them. To make the news of the world available and so easily accessible is the HEYSTACK NEWS App.

Access to all the current Local and Foreign news from over hundreds of channels. Choose any particular area of news on topics, subjects, events and whatever as you please from the most popular and trusted sources like Bloomberg, ABC news, Euro news etc.

Be assured users are comprehensively covered with all of the news on any subject or event.

Install HEYSTACK NEWS App in your smartphone and access to all of what’s happening globally. HEYSTACK  will keep all its users “ In the News” 24×7 365. All of these NEWS are made available ABSOLUTELY FREE. What better deal?

Install Haystack News on TV

Haystack news application is fully developed to work on Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices. So, you will see all the news articles and videos utilize bigger screens smartly than other news application. You can use TV app stores like AppLinked App store, FileSynced or UnLinked to install HayStack News apk on TV.

First install latest version of AppLinked on your Android TV box. Then find AppLinked code for HayStack News on internet. Now you can use that AppLinked code to install HayStack news apk on your TV box easily. No need to type hard to read or type download URLs on TV. Just type 8-digit long AppLinked code using TV remote to download your favourite TV apps.

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