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Hidden Outlet Ideas For Your Abode

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The electrical outlets are necessary for the functionalities in your abode. But when they are hidden, attention is not drawn towards them. In addition, the hidden outlets help maintain the decor of your room without any outlets popping up in the middle.

The positioning of the outlets should be planned properly so that it does not obstruct any decor of the room. Here are some of the ideas that can be useful for your abode.

Match the color of outlets with cabinets: 

When placing the outlets in the cabinets, make sure the color matches each other. For example, if your wardrobe is white, your outlets should also be white. There may be readymade stores selling various colors of outlets and many stores where unfinished outlets can be matched with colors with the specialty finish.

Power Strip 

A power strip can be installed on the side panels or the top rails of the kitchen island or any living room furniture. If they are used on the kitchen countertop, make sure they are not obstructing the view of the design.

Drawer Outlets

A drawer can meet your electrical outlet needs. This can reduce the visual chaos of the room. For example, if your outlet stays inside a pull-out drawer, you can create a clever way of hiding your plugin. Phone charging and other wireless devices can work well with this setup.

Pop Up Outlets

Pop-up outlets can be an innovative idea when you are looking for hidden outlets for your cabinet. They can be used on any kind of material and come in any shape. You can go for cylindrical or square-shaped outlets or can also go with the outlet strips. These outlets are sleekest and aesthetically pleasing for the homeowners.

Horizontal Outlets

When you are not having any cabinets for hiding your outlets, you can implement outlet strips. You can place the outlet strips horizontally by matching the color with your backsplash. This will completely blend with your kitchen decor. Matching the wallpaper or the kitchen style, there are several other ways of incorporating the horizontal outlets.

Breakfast Nook

The outlets on the breakfast nook can be a creative way to hide them. The outlet can be placed on the wall’s surface, where it can remain less noticeable. A subtle accent can be created in the breakfast nook itself.

Mix With Tiles

Tiles can be blended and complemented with the style of your outlets. The tiles can benefit this purpose as they can impersonate the outlets very well.

In-Between Drawers

The kitchen outlets can be placed in-between drawers to reduce the visual chaos and not hinder the kitchen decor.


The hidden outlets can be placed anywhere and everywhere. Take one or more ideas from the points listed above. Make sure the outlets hardly get noticed. The outlets should be placed so that functionalities and aesthetics can go hand in hand.

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