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How do I choose the correct size adult diaper?

Just like with any item of clothing, knowing the right size of diapers is vital. When you step into the market to buy diapers, you will have a gamut of options available to you by various brands in different sizes.

Therefore, it is crucial to know the right size of the diaper you need to ensure the utmost comfort and effectiveness. Otherwise, you may end up complaining that your diaper leaks, causing you rashes, it is uncomfortable, etc.

How to determine the size of diapers to get? Are larger diapers more absorbent? If any of these questions have struck your mind and have brought you here, you will be glad that you got this article. This diaper sizing guide will answer all such questions and help you get your hands on the right size Friends diaper pants.

Tips for adult diaper sizing

The size of every person is different from another, and even absorbency needs. While sizing is a significant component in selecting the right adult diapers, understanding incontinence needs are also vital. Here are some tips for choosing the adult diapers that fit you and your lifestyle/ need:


You need to check whether the diaper you are buying is comfortable or not. After all, diapers are worn all the time by the person dealing with incontinence. Therefore, the wearer should be able to carry out his/her daily activities while wearing the diapers without any discomfort.

Change frequently

You should change your diaper regularly; otherwise, the soiled diaper can cause rashes and infections on your skin. But if you need to change your adult diaper pants more frequently than required, you can try more absorbent diaper pants.

Too loose

If you often find that your front/stomach area of diaper sags, go for a smaller size diaper. You need to use a snug-fitting waterproof diaper with full coverage that is able to guard you against any leakage.

Fitted but not too fit

Your diaper should be snug comfortably against your skin around the legs because most leakage will occur in and around the legs. So make sure the diaper you choose fits correctly and is neither too tight nor too loose.

How to measure the size of an adult diaper?

Hopefully, now you have understood what is meant by right-sizing. Find out how to determine the size of adult diapers. First, take a paper tape measure that will help you to get your measurement accurately and follow the steps below:

  1. Measure the widest part of your abdomen at or just below your belly button.
  2. Next, measure the width across your hips and record this measurement.
  3. Use the larger of the above two measurements to determine your adult diapers size.
  4. Don’t forget to consider height, weight, and thigh circumference to have a perfect fit.

Also, remember not to use your pant size while measuring the diaper size because you may not likely wear pants at your waist. Instead, they are worn below your natural waistline. Therefore, if you get the wrong size in the waist, it will be an uncomfortable fit.

Moreover, adult diapers are measured by the waist or hip size, but this may vary from one brand to another. So carefully go through the brand’s specific size chart before deciding on an adult diaper. Plus, whenever you have a significant weight gain or loss, you should take another measurement to get the correct size.

Is bigger more absorbent?

Obviously not! Just because a diaper is large, this does not mean it has more absorbency. Choosing a bigger diaper will mean leakage at the legs. Friends diaper pants come in different sizes with a variety of absorbency; therefore, depending on your measured size and incontinence need, you can make your selection.