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How Does Fantasy Cricket Contribute To IPL’s Popularity?

You can’t think about cricket without thinking about India. These two terms became inseparable shortly after they were introduced to us in the British Raj. Colonization still significantly impacts our thinking, beliefs, lifestyle, etc. However, we have used the platform of cricket to shine in front of the entire world. Indians are immensely passionate about the sport, going as far as comparing their favorite players with deities. There are a lot of players who have glorified the name of the country by breaking all records. Numerous countries play cricket across the globe, but hardly any country cherishes the sport as avidly as Indians do. Sports have played a crucial part in uniting citizens despite diversity. From wearing jerseys, painting jerseys, and cheering in the stadium, fans sometimes get the tattoo of their favorite cricketer on their body.

The citizens feel an emotional connection with the sports and the players. The craze for cricket has only increased in recent years due to the introduction of formats like T20 Cricket. With its glitz and glamor, the Indian Premier League is one of the most successful tournaments that appeal to the modern generation. Some top celebrities show their excitement for the sports and sport their teams during the matches. It takes the anticipation up a notch. IPL in India is seen as a festival where people can come together to bond over sports irrespective of their caste, creed, color, and religion.

Over the years, many advancements in technology have aimed to bring us closer to the sport. Several live-streaming apps are available, and you can view the matches from different angles at higher quality. More closed stadiums are to be built so that the matches are not affected by climate changes like rain and storms. However, there is a demand for a more immersive experience, so people are not restricted to merely spectating the matches. Instead, they can also participate actively in the matches.

Here’s how fantasy cricket drives more traffic to the IPL :

  1. Immersive Experience- You are no more the audience of the Indian Premier League anymore. You can now participate in the matches yourself and experience the first-hand thrill as you are directly affected by the victory or loss.
  2. Deeper Insight- You can showcase your skills and knowledge about cricket by picking the right players, judging their performance, and more on fantasy cricket platforms. It also sharpens your understanding and motivates you to learn more about the tournament.
  3. Fun & Exciting- Winning is now more exhilarating than ever. The rush you feel on winning can not be compared to anything else as you have your skin in the matches. Apart from instant gratification, fantasy cricket can educate you about cricket better.
  4. Communication- By playing fantasy cricket, you better understand how teams like Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings are performing. It helps you talk more volubly and eloquently about such topics whenever your peers discuss sports and help you become more informed and intelligent.

Thus, more people are attracted to tournaments like IPL, where they can play themselves, show their skills to the world.