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How Instagram Isn’t Just for Budding Photographers

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Instagram is a great tool to use, but you have to know how to use it. Most businesses like to engage users who post photographs for them, but you can easily post your own for your business and obtain even more followers. So why choose Instagram over the other social media websites out there? Well, Instagram has over half a million active users every month.

These users have shared over forty billion photos since the conception of Instagram, and they share an average of ninety-five million photos and videos every day. Eighty percent of the users come from outside of the United States, and it’s used by 24% of American men and 31% of American women.

Therefore, if your business is focused more on an international level, then Instagram might be a good answer for you. Plus, it can mean a lot of exposure if your photo or video goes viral. So how do you use Instagram? In this chapter, we’re going to go over twenty-five ways your business can use Instagram to boost customer interaction and sales.