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How Much Does Child Support Cost in Wisconsin?

Child support in Wisconsin is a complicated issue, and there are many factors to consider when calculating how much you will be expected to contribute. One of the major considerations is the income level of both parties, as they will be responsible for supporting themselves and their own children. The court will also take into consideration the cost of raising a child in Wisconsin and any other responsibilities or needs that may not have been met.

There are many different rules on child support payments that can vary depending on your unique circumstances, so it’s important to speak with an experienced Wisconsin family law attorney about what you need to know about this topic. 

Here are three things based on which child support is usually calculated:

  • The parent’s gross income

The court will look at the gross income of both the custodial and non-custodial parents and take a percentage of it to determine how much they need to pay. The court will not take into consideration any additional income beyond the two parents’, but it will consider any medical expenses or health insurance provided for the children. It is also important to note that when calculating child support, the court will factor in any federal or state tax exemptions or deductions.

  • The number of children you have

The court will determine the amount of child support in Wisconsin by taking into consideration how many children you have. The more children you have, the higher your child support obligation would be because they are considered dependent on both parents.

  • The cost of raising a child

The court will determine the funds needed for the day-to-day expenses of every child. These costs include food, clothing, housing, school expenses, and childcare. The court will also take into consideration additional needs of each child that cannot be met due to a lack of funds or time from one or both parents, such as additional medical treatment or tutoring.

  • The amount of time the child spent with each parent

The court will also consider the amount of time you spend with your child in determining the amount of child support to be paid. The reason for this is that if one parent has primary custody, they would have to keep up with the day-to-day expenses because they have more time on their hands. This means that they may have higher expenses than the other parent because there is more time to go out and spend money on themselves or their child. After you and your ex-spouse come up with an agreement regarding how much you will pay, you should take it to a knowledgeable Wisconsin family lawyer that can review it and make sure that it is done properly.