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How to Choose the Best Mincer  for either commercial or home use

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Do you want to prepare your meat in a smooth and easy process? Get yourself a mincer to grind, tenderize, shred and slice your pieces of meat just the way you like. Ensure you choose the right mincer that fits your needs, if you are purchasing one for use at home, a small model would be the preferable choice.

Preparing sausages or beef that is fresh is the best feeling instead of purchasing already minced meat and you have no idea how long it has been in the freezer. Almost all establishments that prepare meat starting from deli counters to butcher shops have at least a commercial grinder. However, homesteads use small mincers which are easily operated.

Types of Mincers

Mincers are available in the market in different configurations and sizes. The main types include;

Manual mincers

These types of mincers are mounted to your countertop and are manufactured to use a low volume of meat. The clank is turned by hand because they only hold a small capacity of meat.

Electric mincers

These types of mincers on the other hand come in various sizes from small countertop mincers to big mincers used for high output and they are mostly mounted on the floor. The large mincers are efficiently used in commercial settings.

What to check  when purchasing a mincer


Horsepower is an important feature of a mincer. If a mincer has less power, it will not mince the meat evenly and you might find large pieces in your minced meat. Enough power ensures efficient and clean mincing.


A high-quality meat mincer should have a high mince rate. It should be able to give information on the amount of meat it can mince per minute or per hour. The best mincer can mince more than 10 pounds in a minute. Anything less than that is not recommended. Mincers that process more than 15 pounds are considered efficient and fast.

Quantity of meat it can hold

The amount of meat a mincer can hold determines the type of machine you want to purchase. If you are in a commercial setup, mincers that can hold large quantities of meat are what you need. You should therefore choose a mincer that has more power.


Mincers come in various price ranges according to their sizes and quality. So, before you make your purchase, you should consider the amount of meat to mince and the desired quantity you wish to get. According to these features, you will be able to determine the price range of the kind of mincer to purchase. It is also important to ensure the quality of the mincemeat is not compromised.

Ease of use

It is very important to buy a machine that you can handle easily for your comfort. The position of the output in relation to the power switch and the handle in the electric miners, the location, and the size of the feed tube are crucial to determine how easy or complicated it will be to operate the mincer.


Getting the right kind of mincer is all about making your work easier at home or in a commercial setting. Before buying a mincer, ensure you have done your research and understand how the machine is operated and cleaned. This will help you maintain its quality as well as deliver meat that is fresh and of high quality. Check about bone saw machine.