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How to Cultivate a Positive Company Culture

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As long as you and your senior heads of department always bear in mind that every role within the company is as important as the next, from pot washer to general manager, your employees will always respect both you and your business.

So, whether you sit at the head of a large national company with fingers in a diverse range of different pies or run a small family business, you should continue reading to find out how to cultivate a positive company culture that is wholly conducive to productivity.

Have an ‘Open Door’ Mentality

Cast your mind back to when you were an apprentice, trainee or recently hired employee who sat firmly at the bottom of the proverbial ladder.

Perhaps your boss seemed unapproachable or even intimidating; how satisfied, content, and fulfilled did you feel in your role? Conversely, were you inspired by the onboarding process and truly appreciated and took advantage of the fact that your manager was ready and willing to answer any questions you had?

Now, as a manager yourself, an open-door policy should be the first and most important change to make for a more positive working culture at your company.

Simplify Employee Benefits & Incentives

The fact of the matter is that your employees are unlikely to stay at your company for a number of years and continue to work as hard as they can, day in, day out, for the simple return of money alone. Benefits and incentives are a fantastic way to sweeten the deal.

From the provision of multiple benefits without the need for separate accounts and cards, so your employees can access telehealth options from everything from dental work and vision checks, to putting together a comprehensive package including grocery assistance for senior citizens, the possibilities are truly endless.

Just a selection of the most tantalizing employee benefits will serve to both keep your current employees loyal to your business and attract the top talent when you’re hiring. You could include all or some of the following:

  • The opportunity to win a long weekend away or even a short holiday
  • The promotion of physical fitness and emotional well-being virtually
  • Keeping your employees’ families in mind when planning work schedules
  • Offering additional training opportunities
  • Encouraging your employees to follow their personal ambitions
  • Discount vouchers for local grocery stores
  • Free coffee and cake on the first day of every month
  • Conducting regular reviews of salaries across the company

Offer Additional Training Opportunities

Another effective method of making your team members feel as though they belong and thus, inspire loyalty, is to offer additional opportunities for progression.

From in-house programs sourced and arranged by your human resources department, to compiling a comprehensive guide to ascending the ladder of responsibility that’s unique to each department, investing in employee training is guaranteed to reap numerous and far-reaching rewards.

Furthermore, you’ll no doubt already be fully aware of the cost-effectiveness and ease that internal hires have compared to external hires, which is another pertinent reason why investing in your current employees’ progression will be of huge benefit to your company.