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How to Edit Text On Scanned PDF Document

Scanned documents can be quite challenging when you need to add or remove certain pieces of information. However, it is possible to edit such files with the OCR technology, which the best pdf editors employ.

Are you facing challenges editing a scanned pdf document? I always recommend Lumin pdf editing software for editing scanned documents as it is reliable and easy to use. I will be guiding you through the procedure of editing scanned files using Lumin easy to use online pdf editor. Also in this article is detailed information on the available editing options for your files. Read on and find out.

Edit text on a scanned document

Lumin pdf is a free pdf editor which is also available on premium packages. You can use this pdf editor to edit text on scanned documents, and you need to convert the document first into pdf format.

OCR technology is a key factor in editing scanned documents, and as applied in Lumin online pdf editor, it makes it possible to edit all text on scanned pdf, including that encrypted in photos and images. The software also converts handwritten scanned files into digital files, which are editable on the browser. Since the software can digitize these forms of documents into a machine-readable language, the device can identify all writings on your document, making it possible to edit pdf file online.

With the premium package, you will have direct access to the OCR technology. Once you open the file, use the OCR tab to automatically convert it into editable form.

You will begin the OCR process by first uploading the document through the you device storage, dropbox, Google Drive, or from any other cloud-based platform. Alternatively, you can do this by dragging and dropping the document into the browser.

Once you upload the scanned pdf document, you can open it and make changes as you desire. The editing feature is located on the toolbar and with which you can draw freehand using customizable markers, insert text, include images/shapes, highlight, and comment on the document. You will find the icons for each of these actions on the toolbar and all you need to do is select the tool you require and apply them to the document.

Whenever necessary, it is possible to include signatures to the document by first clicking on the signature icon. You can use an existing signature stored on your device or create one using the application.  Insert and click where you want the signature to appear on your document, then your signature will appear on that spot.

The software automatically saves the changes you make on the document through Google drive or Lumin. After making the adjustments to your satisfaction, you can then share the document directly from the browser.

Options for editing scanned documents.

You can do so much more on your scanned pdf documents using Lumin easy pdf editor. Here are some solutions you may find useful for your document:

  • Split and merge pdf files; once your scanned document is in pdf format, Lumin pdf makes it possible to split the document eliminating what you don’t require. Additionally, you can merge different sections of the file as you desire. The procedure is simple, as you first upload the documents you want to split/merge, then delete the unwanted pages and click “merge” to combine the remaining pages. Once you have merged, you can download the resulting document, which you can now share.

If you wish to split the file, select the pages you want to eliminate, and then click on “split.”

  • You can also use the software annotation tools to make certain changes to your document: edit pdf online free of charge, make edits on images, including lines and shapes.
  • There are other editing options for scanned documents using the Lumin application, including rotating documents, deleting pages, changing the order of pages, inserting blank pages, and cropping.
  • The cloud integration property in Lumin pdf text editor helps you automatically save your work as you make edits. You have several options for saving your document, including Lumin. Dropbox and cloud google drive.
  • If you are working on a shared document, Lumin pdf makes it easier to collaborate with other team members. You can share useful information as you move along by chatting live over the document. The instant feedback saves both time and resources as remote teams have a unique opportunity to work on time-sensitive projects. Besides, every team member can view the changes as they happen in real-time over Lumin.
  • For safety purposes, the software provides users with an option to secure their files using passwords. After editing your scanned document, you can create a password to safeguard the file against unauthorized access and printing. If you lose the password, the software has an easy and safe password retrieval procedure.
  • In a learning environment, the software provides a more advanced platform, called Lumin classroom integration, where tutors and learners share knowledge and documents. Once they are done editing your scanned document on Lumin, they can avail these files to the relevant recipients on the platform.
  • Finally, the software makes it possible to work on the documents on the go, as it is available across different devices. You can access Lumin pdf editor on your computer, tablet, or phone with the same efficiency. You can also install the Lumin pdf editor app, which is available as pdf editor for pc, and pdf editor mac.


The availability of pdf editors has made it possible to edit scanned text which was perceived to be impossible for a long time. With Lumin pdf, you can do so much more with a scanned document apart from including text. The software allows you to highlight, comment, manipulate images, draw shapes/lines, merge/split your document. You can choose to share the document and work alongside your team as you make the appropriate changes. Through these features, individuals, learners and businesses have been able to save on time and resources.