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How to have a sustainable move?

Everything counts when it comes to sustainability. If you make your daily habits greener then it will leave a great impact on our environment. Yes, moving is a tough process but it should not be as tough on the planet. If you move by using sustainable techniques then you can save our environment. Yes, it is quite difficult to pay attention to a greener move when you are already struggling with lots of moving-related tasks but you can do it if you stay more attentive.

From packing to transiting items, one doesn’t just have to be efficient only but sustainable too. You should not use any bubble paper, plastic wrapping paper to pack items, instead, you should pack these items by using clothes. Check out other great tips and tricks to have a sustainable move.

Get reusable moving boxes 

Boxes are one of the most crucial elements during a moving process but after the move, these cardboard boxes will be of no use and the accumulated leftover waste could create harm to the environment. Luckily, there is a sustainable option too that you can use as an alternative to these. There are many companies present out there which provide reusable moving boxes on rent and you can also buy these. These are crate-like bins which you can return to the company after using these. These NYC moving companies also provide pick-up and drop-off services so you don’t have to worry about giving back these boxes as the company professionals will take these from you.

Start the process earlier 

If you are moving in a hurry then you won’t have enough time to plan a greener move while on the other hand, if you start the process earlier then it will be easier for you to make a strategy to not to just buckle up the process but also to have a greener and environment-friendly move.

Don’t just throw away the unwanted items 

When you have categorized the items that you will take along with you and what you won’t then you should not just throw away these unwanted items because these could leave a bad effect on our environment. You might have a hefty amount of things to get rid of before you start the packing process. And luckily there are also ways to do it with ease. You can earn money by organizing a yard sale, can gift these to your friends or family members, or can donate these. Remember that the items which just scrap to you could be useful for others.

Stop buying perishable food items before the move 

One of the most common mistakes that people do is not to check what eatable items are present in their refrigerator or fridge and they just keep on buying the grocery items till the last day. This also makes the moving process more difficult. Just toss in the refrigerator right now and know what you can cook or eat for today. It is recommended you consume all these items before the move and give the leftover perishable food to your neighborhood.


Though you will make a lot of efforts in reducing the waste but still it is a process in which accumulation of waste is unavoidable. Of course, there will be a lot of non-usable, damaged electronic products, boxes present which you want to throw away before moving. But having a good plan for it will make you have a green move. Like in case if you have tons of electronic items to throw then you should search for a recycling electronic center in advance and in the same way, items like boxes, papers can be sent to the paper shredder. So pay attention to the recycling of items instead of just throwing the items away.

Use what you have to pack

You can decrease the use of bubble wrap, packing tape, and other such leftover plastic waste by using the items you already have at your home. Like you can use towels to wrap fragile items, socks to store pantry items, suitcases to pack belongings instead of cardboard boxes, blankets to wrap furniture and large items, and some other clothing items to wrap electronic items, and so on. By using your creativity, you can pack items that will reduce leftover waste. It also reduces the cost of the move because you will require a fewer amount of packing supplies to pack items.

Properly dispose of hazardous items 

It is not allowed to transit hazardous items as they are a threat to your health. Batteries, cleaning solutions are the items that you should not load in a truck and should dispose of these in a good manner.

Wrapping it all up!!! 

Though your moving time will be increased if you pay attention to moving greener it is your responsibility towards your planet to do it. Using the above tips and tricks will help you to do it with ease.