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How to Keep a Dream Journal for Lucid Dreaming

Sometimes, our dreams are better than many action or science-fiction movies. Sometimes, however, they are extremely dull. No matter how they are, though, dreams are mysterious experiences our brains go through. Even though scientists have tried to uncover them for centuries, these mysteries inside our minds have yet to be explained.

Many artists and scientists have believed dreams to be creative tools for them. Some authors have written hundreds of pages of stories after they woke up from a dream. There are some scientists who mentioned that they solved mathematical problems they struggled with in their dreams. Therefore, many people recommend keeping a dream journal to better comprehend and remember their dreams.

Another appealing reason for keeping a dream journal is that it enhances your chances of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreams are dreams in which the person is conscious of their dream. In simpler words, in a lucid dream, you know that you are in a dream but do not wake yourself up. Some people even control certain aspects or events in their lucid dreams. Dream journals allow you to analyze and interpret your dreams, as well as recognize the dream signs, which are the things you witnessed in your dream that are not possible in real life. With all these combined, your metacognition increases, and you experience lucid dreams more easily.

What Is Dream Journaling?

Dream journaling is a method of recording dreams immediately after you woke up from the dream. By doing that, you write down as many details as possible and help you interpret your dreams. Some people keep dream journals to overcome stress, anxiety, and nightmares by analyzing the paths of their unconscious. Dream journals are also incredible tools and practices for lucid dreaming.

How to Keep a Dream Journal

There are countless ways to keep a dream journal. Some people draw what they saw in the dream, some people write them down, and some prefer to use apps to record their dreams. There are countless effective apps people use to save their dreams, such as the dreambook.app. By using the apps to record your dreams, you save time and do not need to open the lights or get out of bed to record them! How you prefer to keep a dream journal is totally up to you. Your dream journal is your personal belonging, and you should choose the way to express yourself.  However, there are some things you need to pay attention to as you are dream journaling. Here are some tips for you to keep an effective dream journal

  • Record your dreams immediately after you wake up from them. The more you wait to log your dreams into your journal, the fewer details you will be able to remember.
  • Whether you are using a notebook or an app, keep your dream journal close to you as you sleep.
  • Write down or record your dreams in the present tense to relive it and remember more details.
  • Try to remember how you felt during the actions of your dream along with the events that happened. By keeping emotional records of your dreams, you will be able to remember them more easily.