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How To Manage An Online Classroom

Being able to manage a class can be overwhelming and taxing at times and doing so in an online classroom can be even more demanding. 

The transition to online teaching is new, and it comes with its own set of difficulties. In traditional classes, a teacher can physically be around his students and look at each one individually, telling them to focus, reading out loud useful remarks, quoting down motivational quotes for students or giving them printouts of the notes, but this is not possible in online classes. Therefore, you should make changes in your strategies as well. 

Here are a few tips to help you with managing an online classroom:

  • Set Rules For The Students

Share a set of guidelines with the students. Communicate with your students and let them know what you want in your class, whether you want them to raise questions when you ask them or they should write it down in the chatbox so that you can read it, everything must be communicated to the students.  Make sure your voice is clear and understandable, and there are no distracting background noises. 

  • Set Up A Routine

Set up a routine for the students to follow. You can plan your class in a way that you share notes every alternate day, take quizzes every Saturday, etc. This will not only make classroom management easier for you but also, make things simpler for the students. They will be able to plan and create a routine for their self-study based on what is going on in the classroom.

  • Praise Your Students

Your students’ efforts should go in vain, appreciate them as and when they deserve it. you can speak to the class about who the greatest performance of the week is, speak about what you like about their work, etc. Also, appreciate them for the effort and not just the achievement. This boosts their morale and interest in the subject.

  • Use The Best Technology

Since you are teaching online, there are plenty of apps for classroom available. Make sure to choose one that matches up with your expectations and has advanced features. A good app simplifies the online learning process.

  • Be There For Your Students 

Listen to the problems of your students, and help them in every possible way. When a teacher gives importance to their students, students are bound to pay attention in the class. 

  • Promote Student Participation

You can do it by letting your students express their thoughts and views individually or create small groups for them to interact and assign various activities like group projects, quizzes, debates, etc.

The more the students participate in the classroom, the better the learning experience. 

  • Dress Appropriately 

Dressing appropriately for the classroom makes you look interested in teaching. When you look interested in teaching, your students may more attention. This is a psychological effect.

Final Thoughts 

Managing a classroom mostly depends on the skill of the teacher and how competent he is. However, every teacher should put in enough effort to make the classroom disciplined and manage the classroom to the best of their capabilities so that the students can make the best out of their learning.