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How to organize a baby shower

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If you are the expectant mother and therefore the guest of honor at the party, you should have little or nothing to do with the organization of the baby shower. As a general rule, it will be your mother, sister or one of your best friends who will take care of everything, although this responsibility can also be shared among several friends or family members.

The right time for a baby shower

The boho baby shower invitation is usually celebrated from the 25th week of pregnancy when two thirds of the gestation period have already been completed but there is still enough time until the baby is born. For the preparation of the party it is better to take a lot of time since there is a lot to organize. Our checklist will help you with planning! It is advisable to start with the preparations about two months before the party.

Where do I celebrate the baby shower party?

The place of the party depends on the circumstances of each one and if it has to be a surprise or not for the future mother. If the guest of honor already knows that you are going to organize the party, her house may be the most comfortable place, since she saves herself the trip and all the gifts and gifts that the guests bring will already be in her house. Even so, if we choose her house as the location of the party, we must be careful not to overwhelm the mother-to-be with the preparations. The ideal is to prepare everything you can at home, from the decorations to the food for the party to the material you will need for the games. In this way, in the mother’s house, you will only have to put everything in its place. We recommend that the day you deal with the decoration of the party, you invite the mother for a walk while the process lasts, so the final appearance of the place will also be a surprise for her.

If the space of the house is not enough or if you want to completely surprise the mother, look for a place close to her house, preferably the house of a friend or relative. As an alternative, you can also organize the baby shower in a café that hosts this type of celebration or you can rent a place.

Baby shower budget

Before you get down to business with planning, you need to set a budget, which will determine the scope and quality of the party. In addition, you will be able to assess if you can rent a space for the celebration. You can also choose to organize the baby shower invitation maker as a gift for the mother, assuming all the costs of the celebration. In this case, to prevent the baby shower from running out of budget, you can organize it so that all the guests bring some food for the party. In case you do not propose it as your gift for the future mother, the budget of the baby shower should be paid among all the attendees. If so, it is convenient, from the beginning, to agree with the guests on the budget and the contributions of each one.

Baby shower invitations

First of all, make a list of the guests of the party. Write down next to each name the postal or email address, depending on how you want to send each invitation. Leave an extra column to record people’s responses, so you can easily count who has RSVP’d to the party.

Sending the invitations by email is very practical, but it is not as beautiful and personalized as sending a handmade card by mail. There are endless possibilities for baby shower card design. For example, you can make them by cutting out colored cardboard in the shape of bodysuits or baby socks and decorating them with colored pencils. On the back, write the message of the invitation. If you want to go one step further in terms of originality, you can directly use baby bodysuits and socks. In this case, use a textile marker to write the text. If you add personalized decoration to the pieces of clothing, the mother-to-be can keep them to dress her baby as well as serve as party favors. In general, the baby shower invitation card should include the following information:

  •         Place and date of the celebration
  •         Start time and end time
  •         Information about the theme of the party (summer party, pink party, etc.)
  •         Request confirmation of attendance before a certain date
  •         Notes on the gift list
  •         If anything else should be brought to the party
  •         Contact information for the party organizer