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How to recognize stainless steel jewelry?

Stainless steel is one of the most widely used manufacturing materials in industry and construction. It has interesting and very beneficial properties in the manufacture of various products. This is how we discover today on the market many jewels and accessories made from stainless steel. This choice of material particularly offers the jewelry a high resistance to corrosion and high durability. 

This is a real advantage for jewelry enthusiasts. You want to buy a stainless steel jewel , but you don’t know how to determine if this stainless steel jewel is indeed authentic? It is essential to know how to recognize a jewel in real stainless steel, at the risk of being fooled. Discover in this article some tips to recognize an authentic stainless steel jewel.

Stainless Steel Jewelry Quality

Stainless steel is a material used in the field of jewelry since the 19th century and which stands out more and more on the market today. Of course, compared to gold or silver, stainless steel is not very expensive. It contributes to the manufacture of modern and durable jewelry over the long term, because it is a very resistant material.

Stainless steel jewelry has the particularity of offering very trendy designs. Steel is a quality metal that goes perfectly with materials such as ceramic, silicone or leather. It happens that one encounters polished and sparkling stainless steel jewelry, but also Wholesale Jewelry with an irregular and matt appearance.

Stainless steel therefore proves to be a high quality material whose processing requires great expertise and certain skills. As such, if you want to buy stainless steel jewelry, it is important to go to a high-end store in order to have some assurance as to the quality and reliability of the product.

Know if it is a stainless steel jewel: presence of hallmark?

The hallmark is a signature or imprint found on precious metals placed on the market. They work like serial numbers for devices. As such, each precious metal placed on the market has hallmarks which are listed and represent the identity of the jewel on the market.

Unfortunately, stainless steel is not a precious metal. As a result, jewelry made of stainless steel on the market does not have hallmarks. The hallmark is particularly known for jewellery, in particular such as gold, giving for example indications on the number of carats of an accessory.

Acid test

This is the method used by professionals. It consists first of all in rubbing the jewel on a slate plate in order to obtain a few milligrams of stainless steel. Then, different types of acids are applied to observe the different reactions. It is a fairly quick method, however, it is only limited to small jewels.

By applying different acids, you will be able to estimate the concentration of precious metals in the jewel. It is based on the reaction of the acids on the metal that you will find out if it is authentic or not. This principle unfortunately does not apply to stainless steel.

Spectrometric or densimetric analysis

Spectrometric analysis is used in the case of a jewelry with many pieces. It is a great way to accentuate large and rich jewelry. The key is to pass UV rays on the container to indicate the presence of 316L stainless steel or not. You will need a spectrometer to do this analysis.

Densimetric analysis involves the use of a hydrometer to determine the accuracy of a piece of jewelry made of precious metal. This method is used to control the amount of stainless steel.

Know the jewelry in a metal?

Of course, it may be that your quest to find a metal detector may be difficult, especially if you do not know whether it is a piece of pure metal, bronze or copper, gold or silver. So, if you have any doubts and do not want to start looking for random jewelry items, do not hesitate to go to the jeweler near you. In a few minutes, your jeweler will see the metal of your jewelry, ring or other bracelet!

Identify the types of pearls on jewelry

On rings, chains and other jewelry, these stones can often adorn precious or non-precious stones, such as diamonds or natural and mineral stones, or even Swarovski-type crystals. 

Pearls that often come to give a ton of color to the stones can be a sauce for the question: is it a diamond? Is it a lie? Often the strength and hardness of a diamond can guide you and strengthen the authenticity of a diamond. Precious stones are often included in jewelry with gold or silver of sorts. It is rare to have a diamond on a metal object for example. To avoid any doubts, do not hesitate to go to a jeweler or jeweler who will polish your jewelry.