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How to stand up against cyberbullying

The internet is a vast place, we all spend hours mindlessly scrolling through it. It’s not odd that someone falls victim to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has become a common occurrence, but this doesn’t mean we should close our eyes, instead, we should fight it as much as we can. If you or someone you know is being cyberbullied, these are the steps you must take to put a stop to it.

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is when someone bullies and harasses an individual through the internet. It has become more and more common in teenagers as the use of social media has become popular among them. There are many types of cyberbullying and it’s important to be mindful of what to do when you become the target. Cyberbullying is a plaque that can only be stopped if we stand against the crime.

Ways you can stop cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is difficult to spot and put a hold onto, as the real person behind it may never be found out. The reason why so many people choose cyberbullying to harass their target is due to the comfort of anonymity it provides. ابتزاز is a common factor in cyberbullying and can force their victims to do humiliating tasks to seek revenge or pleasure. We have mentioned helpful ways you can get away from cyberbullying or help someone you know who is going through internet harassment.

Telling an adult

Confiding in a parent or someone close to you that you trust is a vital step to defeating your internet bully. Once you’ve landed in this situation, it’s no use to panic anymore. It’s time to get an adult involved in the situation for help.

Reporting it

Reporting your cyberbullying is the next big step. Your parent or an adult should take you to a police station to report the whole incident in detail. The professionals are trained to deal with situations like الابتزاز الجنسي and blackmail in general. They can track down the cyberbullies and they will have to face dire consequences.

Do not respond

Sometimes the cyberbully only needs a response out of the victim to get them the satisfaction. It is key that you do not respond to whatever bullying you are facing and directly block the person. You can also report the account but it’s important to block them to get the bullying out of your face and in this way, you will be less tempted to respond.