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How Your Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Use Witness Statements to Support Your Accident Claim

People who witnessed your car crash can give valuable insight into what occurred. Without a witness, it will be your words against the words of the other driver. Witness statements could match with your version of events and prove the fault of the other driver. To build a car accident case, fault must be determined and proven. A skilled Philadelphia car accident lawyer can track witnesses and ask them to give statements regarding your accident. If your lawyer determines you have a valid claim, they will investigate the crash and speak with witnesses. Read on to know how statements from witnesses can support your car accident claim.

Demonstrating You Did Not Cause the Crash

Witness statements could minimize or get rid of doubts that you contributed to the accident. The at-fault driver and their insurer may blame you for the crash to try to devalue or deny your claim. However, statements from witnesses may be able to help discredit the negligent driver’s version of events or emphasize inconsistencies they said or did before, during, and after the crash. 

Proving the Other Driver’s Negligence

To successfully recover compensation, you and your attorney must prove the negligence of the other driver. A witness who saw the other driver texting or doing something else besides driving before the crash can give a statement that attests to this.

Preserving Facts

Witnesses can give statements that can preserve the facts of your car accident case. They may have recorded a video or taken photos of the crash from the viewpoint. Such information can be given in a written or recorded statement to persuade the other party to settle. 

Validating Your Injury

A witness can confirm your injury’s extent and scope to a judge or jury. They can provide statements that detail your behavior and actions at the accident scene. These include whether you could move after the crash and the amount of pain you suffered while at the scene. 

In addition, witness statements can help prove the bodily injury claims of the other driver. If the negligent driver lies about sustaining an injury or exaggerates their injury, a witness can discredit such injury by saying they saw the driver normally walking or moving around at the crash scene.

If you have sustained injuries in a car crash, a skilled lawyer is available to help you recover compensation. Just ensure you pick an attorney who has helped a lot of accident victims get the compensation they are entitled to.