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Bhojpuri is a language which is spoken in India and is one of the major regional languages of India. It has a huge number of different dialects, which vary from the south to the north of the country. The main differences in the dialects of the region are in the vocabulary and the culture. If you are studying the language, there are some things that you should know. These include the Vocabularies, Literature, Language, Mother tongue, and References.


Bhojpuri is a language that belongs to the Indo-Aryan language group. It is closely related to Odia, Bengali, Maithili, Assamese, and Magadhi. Besides India, it is also spoken in Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, and Fiji.

Originally, Bhojpuri was a dialect of Hindi. However, Bhojpuri has since evolved into a distinct language. Amongst other things, it has a relatively simpler grammar than other languages in the Magadhan group.

Bhojpuri is a component of the Bihari language family, which also includes Odia, Assamese, and Magadhi. The language has a rich literature that includes Bhojpuri folklore.

Mother tongue

The Bhojpuri language belongs to the Eastern Indo-Aryan group of Indo-Aryan languages. It is native to the Terai region of Nepal and is spoken in the western and eastern parts of Bihar. Also, it is a recognised minority language in South Africa, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago, and several Caribbean nations.

While Bhojpuri is an interesting and beautiful language, it is also very difficult to learn. A lot of people have abandoned the language, especially the upper class, and it has been made into a vulgar language. However, this is not an issue that has just occurred in the recent past. Previously, people of the lower classes could speak and understand Bhojpuri.


Bhojpuri literature is an important part of Bhojpuri culture. The language has developed over a period of 1300 years. It shares a common vocabulary with Hindi, Urdu, and other Indo-Aryan languages. During the British period in India, Bhojpuri adopted a patriotic tone and a cultural ethos.

There are many prominent Bhojpuri poets and writers. Manoj Bhawuk, Kabir Das, and Bhikhari Thakur are some of them. Mahendra Mishra, a courtesan, is also a famous writer. Some of his novels include Bindiya and Phoolsunghi.

Bhojpuri was first written in the medieval period, and it developed over a period of 1300 years. Today, Bhojpuri is spoken in Jharkand, Purvanchal U.P., Suriname, and Guyana.


Bhojpuri is an Indo-European language that belongs to the Eastern Indo-Aryan group of languages. This group includes Odia, Bengali, and Maithili. The language is also closely related to Assamese and Magahi. Unlike other languages in the family, it has a relatively simple grammar.

Nouns in Bhojpuri have three forms. They are aana (verb), bolna (adjective), and khotta (noun). Adjectives are not gender-specific. There are five ways to conjugate imperatives, but generally pronouns are omitted. A verb is followed by a -la suffix to form the present tense.