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Indictable and Disorderly Criminal Offenses: Everything You Need to Know

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A criminal offense is unacceptable, be it of any type. However, there are different types of these criminal offenses, and these types determine the punishment level for convicts. Once the conviction is proven in court, the jury has to give punishment based on two categories of crimes, i.e., indictable and disorderly criminal offenses. 

However, you must know that both activities are criminal offenses but differ in severity. If you or your loved ones are stuck in any criminal offense case, you can consult a criminal defense attorney for more details and information about how to save yourself. 

What is an Indictable Criminal Offense? 

Indictable criminal offenses are similar to felony charges, the most serious crimes. This includes severe penalties based on its degree. There is a punishment of more than one year in prison for this crime. This crime is also classified into four degrees, and the punishment is based on these degrees. 

  • First-degree crime: It is considered the most severe offense and carries the highest penalty for the crime. Some examples of first-degree crimes are manslaughter, murder, drug distribution, aggravated sexual assault, and other severe crimes. It includes the punishment of 10–20 years of imprisonment and fines decided by the courts. 
  • Second-degree crime: Second-degree crime includes pretty serious offenses but is one stage lower than first-degree crimes. For instance, for robbery, aggravated assault, specific sexual assault, and other crimes, if a person is convicted of such crimes, there will be imprisonment for the offender. 
  • Third-degree crime: This type of crime includes crimes that are not severe. It includes theft, specific sexual assault, particular drug possession, and other crimes that are not severe. Per the court’s decision, it includes imprisonment for about three to five years. 
  • Fourth-degree crime: In this type of crime, there are less severe criminal activities such as shoplifting, particular drug possessions, and other such crimes. There are simple penalties for this criminal activity, including some fines and sometimes jail time. 

What is a Disorderly Criminal Offense? 

The municipal court system handles disorderly criminal offenses and is not entitled to a jury. These criminal activities are similar to misdemeanors, so the severity is low. Some examples of disorderly criminal offenses include possession of small amounts of marijuana, disorderly conduct, harassment, and other such activities. 

So, these are two different criminal offense categories; you can see the difference through their severity. If you or any of your loved ones are facing this criminal offense problem, you should consult an attorney for better advice and guidance.