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Insurance Company and Motorcycle Accidents in Bakersfield

Just like any other road accident, a motorcycle accident can be very dangerous and can cost you your life in some cases. You can claim the vehicle damage and medical bills compensation from the insurance company. Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyers can be consulted before filing for compensation. This blog will discuss Insurance companies and Motorcycle Accidents in Bakersfield:-

Recorded Statement

After an accident, you must inform your insurance company regarding the accident and make a claim. It would be best to be cautious with what you say to the insurance company employee as these calls are recorded. Companies tend to use this information against you to cancel your compensation claim. If you have hired a lawyer, give your lawyer’s contact details to the insurance company and let him communicate.

Using Recorded Statement against you

In motorcycle accident cases, the other driver or your insurance company will try to use evidence against you. The company will try to manipulate you into saying things that badly affect your claim amount. Company employees will admit that the accident was their fault, and the injuries you suffered are minimal.

Call from Insurance Company

If someone from the insurance company calls you, it’s better to refuse to give them any information yourself and let your lawyer do the talking. If you do not have a lawyer, write down the details on paper to avoid mistakes while talking. If the agent asks you about your injuries, say you are taking the treatment. Never agree to the things the agent tries to convince you with.

Role of Police Reports

Insurance companies will rely on the information gathered from the police report. As soon as the police report is filed, it is advisable to take a photocopy of the report. In case of any missing detail, a police report can be amended. Your lawyer will ensure that the police report is correct.

Insurance Company Pressurizing you.

At no cost, you should let the insurance company pressure you into accepting that it was your fault or accepting the claim amount. Your lawyer will ensure that you get the maximum claim amount for your injuries.


Motorcycle accidents are very common and cause more damage than car accidents. It is advisable to approach the police and the insurance company at the right time and claim the compensation at the earliest.