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Insurance Policy Admin Systems For Insurtech Companies

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An Inforce Policy Management Platform allows you to track and analyze your entire life insurance policy portfolio. By continuously monitoring the data in real time, you’ll be able to identify sales opportunities and term lapses. You’ll be able to offer a better customer experience and grow your sales. By using advanced data analytics and technology, Inforce can make inforce management easier. This software automates policy monitoring and makes it more efficient than ever.

A leading provider of technology for in-force life insurance, Insurtech Express has a comprehensive solution for managing and analyzing policyholder data. Its products help insurers reduce their risk and deliver better service to their policyholders. The company was founded in 2013 and has raised over $6.5 million in funding. As the company scaled last year, the founders realized that they needed better visibility into their sales process. While they had impressive sales metrics, they weren’t gaining visibility into their entire sales cycle. This led them to worry that their demo-to-close conversion rate would drop dramatically as volume increased.

Insurtech Expresshas revolutionized the life insurance industry by mining policyholder data and setting the standard for data security and policyholder service. The company was founded in Austin in 2012 and has since received over $6.5 million in venture capital funding. As Insurtech Express sales team scaled, they realized they needed better sales data visibility. While InforcePRO had enviable sales metrics, it didn’t have insights into the entire sales process. As volume grew, the company’s demo-to-close conversion rate slowed dramatically.

Insurtech Expressis a leading provider of in-force life insurance technology consulting services, recently announced a joint offer with Proformex. This innovative in-force policy management solution helps financial services companies maximize their revenue by mining policyholder data. InforcePRO has strategic relationships with major insurance carriers, allowing them access to a diverse range of life insurance products. Insurtech Express in-force policy retrieval service allows agents to focus on harnessing the most important relationships and delivering better customer service.

Inforce policy management can improve customer retention by reducing the cost of acquisition and maximizing the value of existing customers. The insurance industry’s focus on customer retention is based on the cost of acquisition. In-force management is more than just ensuring that customers pay their premiums, it also means engaging your customers so they recommend your business to their friends. It also helps attract new customers by improving brand awareness and promoting your product or service.

Increasing inforce policy administration is the key to a more effective life insurance ecosystem. A cloud-based platform, NIC, connects agents, insurers, and distributors. Its four main applications help create a seamless ecosystem for in-force policies. By connecting these parties, you can reduce the costs of in-force policy administration and boost customer loyalty. It also ensures that in-force policies are more efficient and profitable.

The Inforce Policy Management platform is a cloud-based platform that brings together insurance carriers, distributors, advisors, and policy owners in one place. It connects all these stakeholders, ensuring that all in-force policies are managed on a single platform. It is also important to consider the size of your in-force book of business to determine whether it is a good fit. If you’re in an industry that needs to manage in-force policies more effectively, then you’ll need to take a look at Proformex.

The Insured Connect platform connects insurers and distributors to in-force policies. NIC is a cloud-based platform that works with carriers to receive daily in-force data feeds. It automatically generates service and sales opportunities based on the in-force data, helping distributors monetize their books. With APIs, Insured Connect becomes a “service bureau” for the insurance industry. You’ll be able to create marketing campaigns that are tailored to your clientele.

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Proformex Inforce Connect platform connects carriers, distributors, advisors, and policy owners. With its unified platform, users can manage their policies from a central location, including in-force policies. Insured Connects system is cloud-based and works as a “service bureau” for the industry. It can be used to manage in-force policies. It’s a complete inforce management system for life insurance.