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Is It Too Late for Air Conditioning Maintenance?

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Whatever type of cooling unit you use at home, a regular maintenance is crucial to keep it working efficiently and effectively. Whether it is a central A/C, a ductless system, a portable cooling unit, or a heat pump, it needs an A/C maintenance service in Cal City, CA to maintain the performance for years.

But is it too late for an A/C maintenance right at the moment? Keep reading to know the answer to this question.

Is It Fine to Do Your A/C Maintenance Late?

While it is recommended to have your cooling system maintained in the off-season (preferably during the spring), it’s not a bad idea to do the upkeep late. There is no “expiration date” for A/C maintenance as long as it’s done annually and regularly.

Some homeowners still schedule an A/C inspection during the winter to ensure their equipment isn’t harmed by the harsh weather conditions. Therefore, A/C maintenance service in Cal City, CA can be done any time of the year or season, considering the technician’s availability and your budget.

What Happens When You Skip A/C Maintenance This Year?

Some homeowners might think that it’s fine to skip the A/C maintenance since summer is about to end, and they’ll not be using their A/C in the winter months. That’s actually a big mistake. Here’s what happens when you skip A/C maintenance this year:

Void the Warranty

If you missed your A/C maintenance service in Cal City, CA during last month’s regular appointment, don’t expect it to simply hum along until you can schedule another routine visit. The doesn’t just result in an uncomfortably warm home next year but also voids the warranty, leaving you to foot the bill for expensive repairs or an entirely new unit altogether.

Reduce Your System’s Performance

When you skip a tune-up, not only will your A/C unit run less efficiently, it may actually cause damage that will lead to costly repairs down the road. You might think it’s fine to run your unit once again next summer since it is still able to blow cool air. But what you don’t know is it has failing and struggling parts that can become major issues over time. Thus, scheduling an A/C maintenance service in Cal City, CA annually is essential to maintain your system’s performance

Increase the Possibility of Emergency Breakdown

More than 75% of all air conditioning and heat pump service calls are due to reduced refrigerant levels or damage caused by low refrigerant.

Low refrigerant is the number one cause of premature air conditioner failure, and it can lead to a complete air conditioning system breakdown. Most homeowners don’t understand that skipping A/C maintenance service in Cal City, CA is the leading cause for emergency breakdowns. In fact, most A/C repairs are caused by a lack of preventive care and no maintenance at all… not even a simple A/C recharge!

Reduce System’s Lifespan

Several homeowners complain about their A/C not working. Most cases can be solved by cleaning filters, lubricating moving parts, etc. But some of them have allowed their A/C to degrade over time until it finally broke down completely and the system is beyond repair. Therefore, lack of maintenance reduces your system’s service life and even costs you big on early replacements.

It’s Not Too Late for an A/C Maintenance! Call the Experts!

Regular maintenance must be done annually, and it’s not bad to have it any time of the year. As long as you have done it right and regularly, you are good to go.

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