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Is Lean Six Sigma worth it?

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Are you considering Lean Six Sigma expert programs or certificates to be your next ahead in your career? Well, then this is a valid question “IS lean Six Sigma worth it?” Well, you have to find it on your own but, we could provide a little help here. In this article, let’s decode if Lean Six Sigma is actually worth it? Let’s get started with the basics, as to what Lean Six Sigma actually is, what do Lean Six Sigma Experts do for a company, and how can you advance after the completion of the Lean Six Sigma expert program? So, let’s go-

 What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is primarily a methodology that companies and organizations follow to track substantial growth. The company could be in any domain, the Lean Six Sigma methodologies, helps it in improving its numbers. The Lean Six Sigma experts basically help the companies and organizations to map a plan to implement and also execute Lean Six Sigma methodologies in the project and get the production going. Their main objective is to minimize the efforts and maximize the profits. They use continuous growth and improvement strategies and help the core team in decision making. Their strategies are mostly based on statistical data and previous numbers of the company.   Their primary focus is to build a network of loyal and recurring customers by ensuring customer satisfaction. If a company manages building a brand name for itself, then they could track substantial growth.

What is the work of a Lean Six Sigma Expert?

Lean Six Sigma experts are responsible for planning, implementing and executing a project based on Lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies. They are a team of professionals hired by the company to complete a certain project using the Lean Six Sigma methodologies. There are six positions in which  Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Zurich Experts can work after completing the Lean Six Sigma Expert program-

  • Six Sigma Champion
  • Six Sigma Deployment leader
  • Six Sigma Master black belt
  • Six Sigma Black belt
  • Six Sigma Green belt
  • Six Sigma Yellow belt

Out of these, the Six Sigma Green belt, Yellow belt and Black belt are the ones who are well versed with the basics and work in the core team, to get the Lean Six Sigma plan or methodology to work. They work extensively on the project by getting into the details and suggesting improvements. Above them is the Six Sigma Master Black belt, he is responsible for mentoring the core team and ensuring that the entire project is working properly and according to the strategized plan. Now, he is below the Six Sigma Champion and the Six Sigma Deployment leader, these two hold significant positions in the company. They are responsible to analyze the current system of the company or organization and then devise a perfect strategy through the POV of Lean Six Sigma methodologies and principles. They are responsible in devising the plan and map out the process for the core team to follow for production.

These are the responsibilities and roles of a Lean Six Sigma Expert. Here’s why you must consider joining the Lean Six Sigma Expert program today-

Is it worth it?

Well, that’s a tricky question and it depends on you. We have curetted a list of reasons as for why you must consider the Lean Six Sigma Expert program. Then you can decide for yourself-

  • Adding Lean Six Sigma Certification to your resume, gives you an edge over everyone else, this is because you gain an in-depth knowledge of Quality management and also data analytics. Companies look for these.
  • As a Lean Six Sigma Expert, you will only get authoritative positions, so if you are willing to advance, then Lean Six Sigma Expert programs are the one for you.
  • You get an increased pay scale. Okay, let’s face it, everyone is looking out to expand their pay scale, as a Lean Six Sigma Expert, you can bring this dream into reality. As they have a higher pay range than ordinary management officials.
  • It will come as a challenge. Following the same mundane routine could sometimes exhaust your creativity and thinking altogether. Lean Six Sigma Expert programs will come as a challenge for you. As it is not as easy as you think it is. You can gain a new perspective on Management altogether.

Consider your options now, think and take action as this is the right time to make a move.

How can you become a lean Six Sigma Expert yourself?

Wondering how you can be a Lean Six Sigma Expert yourself? Well you are at the right place. Simplilearn could be the perfect choice for you. Simplilearn has a Lean Six Sigma Expert program in association with the Harvard business publishing education and IASSC.

Enroll today for this virtual Lean Six Sigma Expert program and get a chance to learn from and also interact with some of the leading names of this domain. You can start learning with this, even if you are an absolute beginner, the course is designed in a way to meet the needs of everyone, from a beginner to an intermediate person. Apart from the theory material and lectures, you will also have to read through case studies and work on real time projects. So, you get a thorough practical and theoretical overview of Lean Six Sigma methodologies and principles.  You will get all of this and a lot more from the side of Simplilearn. Visit the website to get a complete detailed overview of this Lean Six Sigma Expert program.

So, what are you waiting for? Being a Lean Six Sigma Expert will provide you a scope for growth. It’ll open doors to endless opportunities and advancements for your career. Not only will it take you a step ahead, it will provide you with a new perspective of the management system. Enroll for the Lean Six Sigma expert programs by Simplilearn today and say yes to a brand new career. Head over to the website today. See you on the other side.