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Is Your Dog Sporty? We Have a List of Activities Your Pet Could Try!

If you want your little doggy to exercise, don’t expect it to get started on its own. You must know your pet dog can’t chart out plans for itself and set goals to reach, be it diet, exercise, games, etc. As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to monitor and guide your dog to stay healthy and cheerful always. It is your task to address every need of your pet’s, starting from nutrition and fitness. My Golden Retriever would be a great option to visit in this regard if you are a golden retriever owner.

Plus, your dog needs to be trained by a focused pet trainer so he can mould its habits right from the beginning. This may be you or a professional trainer. Without adequate training, don’t expect your dog to behave well. You may not get the response that you are expecting. 

Setting expectations also comes in the form of being prepared for illness and injury, which happens to plenty of dogs in their first year and beyond. So, compare pet insurance online and consider signing up for cheap pet insurance NZ ASAP to keep your four-legged companion covered in case of declining health.

To help keep health in tip top shape, we suggest pet owners design an active lifestyle for themselves and their pets to attain common goals. This includes:

Daily Strides/Runs

The easiest target both can achieve is to walk/jog/run. You may train your dog to walk for about twenty minutes and raise it gradually day by day. This depends on breed – some dogs need lots of exercise and for some dogs lots of exercise can be damaging. Understand what’s best for your particular pup and pay attention to your dog’s comfort and discomfort alike. If your pet is too exhausted or if it’s a sunny day, cut down some minutes on the routine. If your dog stays in a restive mode for the remaining part of the day, then ensure your pet friend gets appropriate exercise on a perfect day.

Let Your Pet Lead You

Make a role interchange. Let your dog show you the directions instead of you leading. Allow your dog to follow its instinct and take you places. Sometimes your pet may even surprise you once you reach the destination; you may unexpectedly find something interesting about the area.

Obedience Training

A wonderful thing you could do for your pet dog is to start these classes quite early, if you can afford it. Give them sufficient training since puppyhood, so they grow up to be disciplined dogs. On doing this, your dog would know a few simple commands like fetch, handshake, bow, etc and will be socialised early on. Knowing these and several other commands would help your dog pick up indoor and outdoor games rules later. Don’t forget to treat them for every agreeable habit learned. Use positive reinforcement to encourage learning in your pet dog.

Include Parks In The Schedule

Dogs love to bond with other dogs and people, and being well socialised is important for good behaviour. Taking them to dog parks is an excellent opportunity for them to socialise with their kind. They also get to meet and greet new humans on the block. They would feel great to engage in fun games with other pups and dogs in the golden retriever videos neighbourhood. You could take some toys/props along like a ball or a stick to play. You can play hide and seek too!

Swimming And Other Exercises

If your pet enjoys spending time in the water, then take it for a swim to a pool where canines are allowed. However, if your dog isn’t interested in this activity, it would be better to rule it out. On the other hand, if your dog has a dynamic personality, you could enrol it in agility classes or dog yoga sessions so your pet can enjoy a great workout.


The heightened activity can make your pet susceptible to injuries! We, therefore, suggest that you inquire into cheap pet insurance to support your dog’s medical care in case of any health calamity. You may compare pet insurance NZ prices and purchase a policy that fits your pet’s needs and your budget.