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Keeping The Screen Glare To A Minimum: The Importance Of Blue Light Glasses

It comes as no surprise that most Australians spend a considerable amount of their time glued to the screen. With the onset of the global pandemic, this number rose to its peak as many were working online through their personal computers. Apart from the mental strain and stress caused as a result of this lifestyle, there’s another danger creeping behind the screen that most don’t pay much attention to, the blue light emanating from them.

The use of blue light glasses helps minimise the exposure of harmful blue light by filtering it out and mitigating the damage caused. It’s especially important in today’s scenario where Australians look at screens more than they look at their significant others. As alarming as this is, there are a few ways to counter the damage caused by blue light. But first, take a look at how blue light exposure can impact the health of the body for an average phone or computer user:

  1. The retina consists of millions of light-sensitive cells that transfer information to the brain through the optic nerve. Continuous exposure to blue light can damage these cells and lead to temporary or permanent issues depending upon the period of exposure. However, scientists still need to conduct proper research to determine how much exposure is okay and within limits.
  2. A lot of online employees during the pandemic reported strain in the eyes due to working long hours sitting in front of a screen. This can be attributed to visual noise caused as a result of continuous exposure to blue light from the screen without any protection. Doctors recommend wearing lenses or yellow filters to distort the light, reducing the strain in the eyes.

Advantages Of Wearing Blue Light Glasses:

Australians who use blue light glasses regularly have reported these benefits:

  1. The glasses help filter out the blue light and help the body induce melatonin, a hormone that causes sleep. The body has a natural rhythm and exposure to bright light before bed can distort this rhythm, leading to uneasiness or lack of tendency to fall asleep. As an added measure, try finishing up the work and turn off all screens for at least an hour before bed if possible.
  2. As mentioned before, a lot of employees who work online are glued to their screens for hours on end. This will cause a degree of strain that blue light glasses can help alleviate. Since it is difficult for the eyes to focus on blue light, filtering them out using the glasses can help the eyes focus better and reduce the eye strain involved. It might also be beneficial to customise the desk or the workspace to make the body more comfortable to work.
  3. No more headaches occur as the eye strain reduces to a great extent. Plus, these special glasses also help decrease migraine by blocking the light that triggers them. If the problems persist, consult an ophthalmologist immediately.
  4. Since the eyes don’t have any natural mechanisms to block out blue light, the glasses filter them out and reduce the risk of contracting any eye diseases to a great extent. Prominent diseases include cataracts and blindness, both of which are caused as a result of constant exposure to blue light, which in turn penetrates the retina.

Before purchasing the special glasses to filter out the blue light, it might also be beneficial to make some changes to the lifestyle too:

  1. Do some basic eye massages every once in a while to get the blood flowing to the eye region.
  2. Reduce the total screen time as much as possible.
  3. Reduce the use of any devices before bed and avoid viewing them first thing in the morning.
  4. Take short breaks in between screen time and give the eyes proper time to rest.