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Khul Ke – New Networking app – What it is and how it works?

There is a new app that integrates the features of some of your most popular social media apps into one single platform. This means that you won’t need to go from one app to another!

Curious to know more? Let us give you a sneak peek into the app…

Khul Ke is a new networking app that gives its users a 360-degree approach to discuss their varied interests. It leverages audio, video, and text mediums to empower its users to converse holistically and more meaningfully.

Let’s take a look at the main features of Khul Ke, and learn how it helps to elevate your social media experience:

  • RoundTable

RoundTable is a feature where discussions on all topics that matter take place. This online discussion platform consists of panellists, moderators, and the audience. Let’s say the discussion is on screen Writing, the panellists would be renowned experts, professionals, celebrities, and researchers who add value to the conversation. The moderators ensure that the sanctity of the discussion is maintained whilst also empowering the audience to interact as well. Everyone deserves a respectful seat at the table, and Khul Ke truly embodies that belief. How so, you ask? The audience can easily share their ideas and opinions with others present and start their own conversation, which can be streamed live in audio or video formats!

  • TownHall

TownHall is the perfect forum to share personal view-points and thoughts that are meant for the larger audience. Users can share their updates, opinions, thoughts, or feelings in the form of audio or visual content. Other users in their circle can comment, share, and like these posts, while effectively building a community of like- minded individuals with shared interests and ideas.

  • Yapp

The messaging platform, Yapp will allow users within the Khul Ke community to chat with each other privately. For more meaningful conversations, they can also send audio clips, videos, and documents.

Now that you know what Khul Ke is all about, let us understand how it helps users you.

1. Functional benefits

RoundTable provides the opportunity to engage in good quality conversations with all stakeholders. It is not just about sharing but also about learning something new and gaining new perspectives in a safe environment. Of course, it is also a fantastic networking platform as it allows content creators and members to connect with each other and take their connection to the next level.

2. Emotional benefits

The recent COVID 19 pandemic made us realise that we all seek human connection and a sense of belongingness. We may be physically away but knowing that we have like-minded people accessible over such apps can bring about a feeling of togetherness. Apart from that, in this day and age of censorship, Khul Ke is a platform that will allow users to freely express their opinions. Lastly, for those who have always felt like their talents and opinions don’t have a place in mainstream academics and conventional settings, Khul Ke is a platform where they can stand out and be appreciated for it.

Go ahead and experience engaging conversations in a community that feels safe, download Khul Ke!