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Know All About the Huawei Matepad T8

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The Huawei matepad t8 tablet is ultra-slim with 4.9mm side bezels and an 80% screen-to-body ratio. This gives you plenty of on-screen space for immersive entertainment. You can use this tablet, ideal for reading e-books and watching your favorite movies, with great visuals and graphics.

This tablet will offer you Powerful Performance due to its powerful processors. Moreover, you can enjoy its Broader View. Every user wants the best battery timing, so they do not have to charge devices again and again, so this notepad will provide you best battery timing. In addition, this matepad offers 12 hours of Video Playback.

Huawei MatePad 8 T8’s elegant design is due to its metal body and curved edges. It is lightweight at 310g. You can carry it around in a bag or with one hand. The portability feature of this tablet is remarkable.

High-Quality Chipset Offers Remarkable Performance

It comes with an advanced octa-core chipset that allows fast processing speeds. This will enable you to do all your daily tasks effortlessly. In addition, the octa-core chipset increases the efficiency of this tablet on another level. So, you will never find this tablet hanging in the middle of something.


The matepad t8 has a screen size of 8.0 inches. In addition, the display has 16.7 million colors with a Color Saturation Rate of 60%. This tablet has an LCD screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800. In addition, the Screen Pixel Density is 189 PPI.

Battery Life

The tablet has a 5100 mAh battery. This battery will last for a long time because of its 5100mAh power. You can play local videos for 12 hours. In addition, this tablet provides web browsing for 12 hours. So, while using this tablet, you will not need to worry about battery life. You can watch videos, movies, and series with a single charge. In addition, you can also play games without worrying about battery life.

App Switching

The EMUI10 has significantly improved performance and allows you to launch and switch between applications quickly. It’s easier to read thanks to the enhanced dark mode. You can experience trouble-free App switching.

Eye Protection

You can read assignments, docs, and articles because this tablet has full HD and a broad view. It will not affect your eyes. This tablet offers educational and fun tools for children and parental controls. They will also be able to adjust their angle to protect their eyes if they view the tablet from a sitting position. You can protect yourself and your kid from the Bluelight that usually comes from the tablets and affects the eyes.

This tablet has an enhanced eye protection mode which protects the user’s eye. So if you keep working long on the tablet, your eyes will not be affected. In addition, when you use the tablet while lying down, the tablet will give you the warning to adjust the angle so you can provide more protection to your eyes.

Benefits Of Using Matepad t8

  • 5100 mAh type Battery. The battery will last 12 hours for local video playback at 1080P.
  • For 1080P local video playback, the battery will last 12 hours.
  • The current version installed is EMUI10.0.1. Future updates are supported.
  • The dark mode works with most third-party Apps.
  • A fast processor will enhance the efficiency of the matepad t8.
  • Full view display.
  • Read the docs on the tablet without worrying about your eyes.
  • Octacore chipset
  • This tablet is lightweight and portable. You can carry it all day without pain in your hand. If you hold it in your bag for a long time, your shoulder will not hurt.

Final Words

The Huawei matepad t8 has a processor MTK MT8768, providing you with excellent performance. It comes with 2 GB RAM, and the Rom is 16 or 3 GB. So this tablet has everything in it that a user needs.