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Live Oak Pest Control Services 101: A Guide for Homeowners!

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Hot & humid summers with mild to moderate winters – Texas weather is not very eccentric. It is not surprising to find varied species of insects, bugs, and rodents thriving here. As a homeowner in Live Oak, you have to take preventive steps to avoid pest infestation, and if you already have a problem at hand, you need to seek remediation immediately. Pests are responsible for transmitting many diseases and can cause property damage. In this post, we bring a few aspects for hiring Live Oak pest control

Difference between pest control services & exterminators

Although the terms are often used as needed, there are some major differences. Exterminators usually have the objective of killing pests, for which many services rely on extensive use of pesticides and chemicals. Most Power Pest Control companies have a more comprehensive approach, where they try methods, means, and products that are safer for humans, animals, and the environment. Also, these companies work extensively to reduce further chances of infestation by focusing on preventive pest control. 

When to call pest control?

You should consider calling pest control immediately after spotting the initial signs of infestation. You would be rather surprised to find the rate at which insects and rodents multiply, and if you have found evident signs, there is no point in delaying an inspection. You can expect to fix the problem and prevent further risks with a reliable pest control company at work. 

Selecting a local pest control company

If you check online for local services in Live Oak, you will find a bunch of options. Typically, the company you call will send a team to inspect the property to find signs of pests. You can ask questions like – 

  1. How much do you charge for inspections? Will you give an advance estimate?
  2. Is your company licensed? Are you a member of professional pest control bodies?
  3. Are your team members qualified and trained for the job? Are they bonded and insured?
  4. Will you offer a preventive pest control plan? How much do you charge for that?
  5. Can you share a few client references? Do you work for the residential sector? 
  6. Do you have liability insurance?

Always check online to find reviews of pest control companies in your area. Besides reviews on Google, you can also check the social media pages of a shortlisted company to find out about frequent complaints. Steer clear of companies that have too many negative reviews.