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London Senior Job Market Has Recovered in Q4 in 2021

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For those concerned about the job market in the UK, there’s good news! The senior job market looks better than ever with hiring being at an all-time high and supply for the financial sector, for example, being lower than ever. The pandemic had slowed down the economy for a while, but it’s looking like that has reversed!

Individuals looking for positions in the senior finance sector will be particularly interested to know that there are more employers looking to fill the vacancies than there are candidates with adequate skill level and interest. This has led to an overall increase of starting salary across the board, which is bound to appeal to many.

Most people aren’t looking to switch jobs, having experienced how volatile the job market can be during the pandemic. They are looking for stability and security. This combined with an overall lack of necessary skill and knowledge has created a very limited pool of appropriate candidates for financial positions, which are at an all-time high in terms of vacancies.

The London and Northern England job market are the ones that have seen the steepest increase in job availability. So for anyone looking for a job, now is the time! Compared to before the pandemic, according to the ONS, there’s been a 30% increase in demand for employees.

More and more businesses find themselves with vacancies and struggling to fill thetotal them with candidates who are skilled and knowledgeable enough to fulfill their roles and responsibilities, that are willing to switch jobs in this uncertain time and who are looking to grow from the experience of working with another company.

Overall, there are over 1 million jobs available for those seeking in the UK. The finance and accounting sector are plagued by this hiring problem almost to the same extreme as the medical field is experiencing. Of course, what has to be kept in mind is that the majority of the positions available of the 1 million are low salaried positions.

However, those looking to re-enter the finance sector are going to be pleasantly surprised. Most businesses seeking to employ experienced senior finance professionals are offering an increased starting salary, demonstrating the need for these professionals as well as their commitment to filling these vacant positions and growing their business.

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FD Capital recognizes how important financial professionals are to any organization and how crucial it is to fill these vacancies as quickly as possible. That’s why they are proud to offer their services to find the right fit for the organization quickly and efficiently so that there is little interruption in the process of the business.