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LTL Freight

Moving freight can be difficult, especially when you do not need a full truck for your load; This is where LTL services come in and help you save costs. Swift Delivery & Logistics understands the priority of getting goods to a customer or business, so we provide various economical LTL ground transportation options.

What is LTL Freight

what is LTL freight? LTL Freight is a delivery service meaning less-than-truckload; This allows LTL Carriers to optimize freight and ensure maximum profits. Smaller freight loads from various customers are combined and transported on one truck.  LTL carriers are committed to providing the best possible service and will work with you to create a plan that best suits your needs.

Benefits of LTL Freight

Minimizing Time Loss at Trans-Shipment Points

LTL Freight minimizes time loss at trans-shipment points

In the freight forwarding business, time is money. That’s why LTL Freight optimizes its procedures to minimize the time its shipments spend waiting in limbo at trans-shipment points.

This optimization process includes:

Keeping track of shipment locations to anticipate delays, Using advanced software to identify alternate routes and shorter shipping times, and sharing this information with customers and ensuring they have the most current info possible with advanced LTL tracking software.

This commitment to efficiency is just one of the many ways Swift Delivery’s LTL Freight proves it puts the customer first in everything it does.

Reducing the burden of documentation and formalities

LTL Freight provides a flat rate shipping solution for companies looking to reduce shipping documents and paperwork administrative burdens. The goal is to help companies reduce costs and streamline processes while improving the overall customer experience.

Saves Cost

It’s not hyperbole when LTL Freight services save clients millions per year through innovative technology and much work behind the scenes.

The system for LTL ground shipping was developed to help find our most efficient route from origin to destination. Then features were added, such as the dynamic pricing tool, enabling it to make adjustments based on day-to-day fluctuations in fuel prices, even as they varied across weeks or months.

Swift has also invested in technology that would allow them to monitor a fleet continuously, leading to substantial savings for businesses and a sense of peace of mind for drivers. In addition, this investment led to an increase in driver satisfaction ratings and fewer accidents among drivers performing LTL Shipment.

Reduces Cost of Exports

LTL Freight is a solution that helps companies reduce export costs, particularly for items like machinery and machinery parts. It’s an automated process that streamlines the use of freight transportation.

Since its launch, LTL has become the world’s leading provider of automatic freight forwarding and global cargo distribution services, with headquarters in Houston and operations in many countries.

Establishes Only One Agency to Deal With

Are you looking for an expedited LTL freight shipping service? Look no further than Swift Delivery & Logistics. It offers LTL freight tracking, ensuring you are in the know about your products 24/7. Swift Delivery is a full-service ground transportation company specializing in logistics, full load, and LTL freight.


Swift Delivery is the company you need to turn to in your next LTL shipping task. You will be guaranteed a smooth ride from point A to point B as long as you let this company handle everything for you.