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Bhojpuri video songs and bhojpuri films are some of the most popular forms of entertainment for the bhojpuri people. They are famous for their melodious music and dance. These types of videos are produced with the purpose of educating the people about their culture and language. It can also be used as an advertisement for various products or businesses.


Bhojpuri is a language that is spoken in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Nepal, Mauritius, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, and Fiji. It is a member of the Indo-Aryan languages.

Its name is derived from the city of Bhojpur, which is located near Dumraon in Buxar district. Initially, it was used in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. The people who speak Bhojpuri are known as Deshwali.

Traditionally, it was a dialect of Hindi. Today, it is a language with its own vocabulary, grammar, and consonants. However, it has also had lexical influence from the Caribbean English of Trinidad and Tobago.

The grammar of Bhojpuri is simpler than that of other languages in the same family. The word order is similar to that of Hindi, but there are some differences. For example, imperatives can be conjugated in five different ways.

Nouns and adjectives in Bhojpuri are marked for formality. In addition, the three-tier politeness system in Bhojpuri is reflected in its vocabulary.

Films made in the state

The Bhojpuri film industry has been around for a long time. But the industry has not been able to reach its full potential. However, with the advent of digital platforms and increased budgets, the industry has made significant progress.

Today, there are about eight films made in the state every month. They are also distributed in other states and are available on Netflix and YouTube. Usually, about 70 per cent of the total cost is spent in Maharashtra.

Bhojpuri cinema is also considered a serious investment. A number of businessmen from Nepal, Mauritius and other countries are investing in the film industry.

In the recent past, some big-budget Bhojpuri movies have hit the screens. Earlier, the films were largely low-budget and geared towards the family audience. But with increased budgets, the films are attracting a wider audience. Some of these films are based on stories of Lord Krishna and Ramayana. This gives the movie a PAN India appeal.

Famous bhojpurii gaane

The Bhojpuri music industry has been in a renaissance. Not only are these musicians creating popular songs, but they are also creating videos that are making the rounds on YouTube and other social media sites.

There are many videos out there that are trending for different reasons, including their ability to display the most significant facets of the Bhojpuri language. However, one video has been the talk of the town. And it has been the ‘Patli Kamariya Mori Haye Haye’.

This song from the upcoming Bhojpuri movie ‘Main Sehra Bandh Ke Aaunga’ has received a lot of attention. In the video, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan and actress Akshara Singh are seen dancing together. They caption the video ‘dream come true’.

The song was created by two Bhojpuri musicians – Manoj Tiwari and Pawan Singh. They have been in the industry for quite some time. Both of them have worked in numerous films. Some of their best-known work is in the ‘Main Sehra Bandh’ and ‘Nirrhua Chalal Sasuraal’ movies.

Famous bhojpuri video songs

Bhojpuri video songs are among the most popular video songs on the internet. They are played at different occasions and functions. These videos are also known for their entertainment value. There are many websites online that allow you to download Bhojpuri video songs. You can even watch these videos on the Snaptube app. The Snaptube app allows you to choose the format and resolution of the video you want to watch.

One of the most famous Bhojpuri video songs is Rate Bola Jawani Ke. It is sung by Pawan Singh. The song has received immense popularity among the meme makers. In fact, it was considered as the most viewed Bhojpuri song on YouTube.

Another popular Bhojpuri video song is ‘Lachke Kamariya Tohar’. The song is from the movie ‘Main Sehra Bandh Ke Aaunga’. This song features actress Kajal Raghwani.

Other Bhojpuri video songs include Mere Marad Mahoday Ji, Bhatar Ko Bhi Bhul Jaoge, Gori Tor Chunari, and Phal Rakhe Ke Daura. Many of these songs are available on Imslv.