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Measures You Should Take immediately after a Pedestrian Accident in Georgia

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Pedestrian accidents have been on the rise in recent years. These accidents often occur due to the high number of factors involved. Some of these accidents happen because of distractions caused by phones. Most people walk along the road while texting or calling, making them lose concentration on the cars and motorbikes passing by. Whatever the case, you must know how to deal with such incidences. One of the most convenient methods is contacting a Douglasville Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to guide you on the steps you should follow. Every decision you make after the accident is crucial as it determines if you will get compensated. This article will discuss measures you should take immediately after an accident.

Determine the Injuries

After the accident, you must stay calm and try to determine your injuries. However, this will depend on how hard you are hit. If you can move, start with first aid and stop the bleeding. After being hit by a moving vehicle or motorbike, most people are confused and don’t know what to do next. A calm posture gives you time to return to your senses and helps you think clearly. If you have been hit and are probably still lying on the road, try moving to the street, relax, and determine where you got hit. If you can’t move, ask a passer-by to help you move out of the road.

Call the Law Enforcement

After taking some time and familiarizing yourself with your environment, call law enforcement. If you can’t make the call, you must ask somebody to call 911 for you. However, don’t panic if you can’t make a call or ask somebody. There is a high chance a witness saw the happening and called the police. Calling the police will help notify emergency services to come and take care of you and anybody else who is injured. The police will assess the accident and write their report from their findings.

Get the Drivers Information

Before leaving the scene, whether you are hurt or not, try to take the driver’s information. This information includes their name, phone number, and car registration. When taking this information, ensure you don’t speak about the accident and who was at fault. Even if you were in the wrong, avoid confrontation as anything you say might be used against you. Wait patiently till the police arrive.

Gather Evidence

While still at the scene, collecting as much evidence as possible is vital. Try taking pictures of the incidence, the bruises, and the injuries you have incurred. Don’t throw the clothes you were wearing when the accident occurred. This will provide further evidence if need be. Collecting evidence is essential as you can use it to prove your innocence and guarantee compensation. It’s also good to write down the occurrences that happened that day. Even the most minor details can be helpful when filing a claim.


It’s vital always to contact your attorney any time you are involved in an accident. The attorney will guide you on how you need to file for compensation and represent you in court. It’s also vital you ensure you get the necessary medication to heal.