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Miami bicycle accident: Steps you need to follow

A lot of Miami residents rely on their bikes to get around. Besides being a great way to keep fit, riding a bike also means saving huge on fuel. Unfortunately, bicyclists often end up in accidents on the road, often because of negligent motorists. A considerable number of accidents involving bicycles are reported in Miami each year, and expectedly, bicyclists often suffer more serious injuries in such mishaps. If you were injured in such an accident, it could be hard to process the aftermath of the event. One of the critical steps would be to call a Miami personal injury lawyer to understand whether you can file an injury claim. In this post, we are discussing the steps that one must follow after a bicycle accident.

Call 911

Depending on how severe your injuries are, you need to call 911. You should also consider informing the local law enforcement, and therefore, calling 911 is a good idea. Wait at the scene until the police arrive, and you will be asked to give a statement. Don’t exaggerate facts, but make sure you share all details that will be included in the police report. Even if an ambulance doesn’t come to the spot, make sure that you check with a doctor immediately and get the medical care required. Ensuring your safety should be your first priority. Not to forget, the medical documentation will come in handy to prove your injuries if you file a claim later.

Find Witnesses

Witness statements have considerable value when it comes to on-road accidents and crashes. Because witnesses don’t have any again, their testimonies are considered to be objective and will be considered by juries and insurance companies alike. Check if there were witnesses to the crash and get their contact information so that your lawyer can contact them later.  

Take Evidence

As you wait for the police to arrive, use your phone to get photos and videos of the scene. Take detailed pictures of the vehicles involved, the damage caused to your bike, and pictures of your injuries. Your lawyer will want to see these details to prove how the accident may have happened. Also, do not fix your bicycle right away because it is a critical piece of evidence that shows the damages you have incurred.

Contact an attorney soon after to discuss the claim, and they can explain what you can expect for your damages and injuries.