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My Review of Goechala Trek with Thrillophilia

In October, I, with my fellow travelers, went on the GoechaLa Pass Trek on a 10-day 9-night tour, as recommended by Thrillophilia reviews. The trekking was difficult, but the steadfast assistance of the travel agent supplied us with the top guide to our journey. The 90km trek seemed to be a bit exhausting, but we chose the duration package. We enjoyed a great time during our trip.

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We took a taxi to our hotel from Bagdogra Airport, where we refueled for the seven hours of travel to Yuksom. The road to our destination was dotted with stunning landscapes of the Himalayas. Traveling through the running Teesta River and crossing a bridge in Legship to get to Yuksom was an unforgettable experience. The second day of our trip began by waking in the early morning and advancing upwards, following the gorges of the Rathong River. The trail leads through the lush vegetation of rhododendrons, magnolias, and ferns towards Paha Khola Bridge. Paha Khola Bridge. Along the way, one can savor the lunch packed to keep you energized for the remaining hike. Flowers, exotic orchids, and monkeys throughout the trail will make you feel more alive. We reached Sachen to rest on the camping site. Visit Here: magazines2

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Day 3 was dedicated to the Sachen to Tshokha trek, where fragrant viburnum plantations were emphasized. Day 4 trek ran from Tshoka to Dzongri. The short hike was easy to walk through, where beautiful rhododendron forests maintained our enthusiasm. Day 5 trek started between Dzongri to Thansing that offered us an uphill climb with breathtaking panoramic views over the Himalayas. Days 6 and 7 of the GoechaLa Pass Trek covered Thansing to Lamuney, and the majority of our time there was to take a break and look around the area. On the 7th day of our trek, we walked the Lamuney and the Goechala trek, which signifies that our trek is getting closer to the final stage. On the eighth day of our trek, we walked from Kokchurang to Tshoka and took a break to enjoy the stunning views of Kanchenjunga Peak. The 9th day the trek was completed by taking the route from Tshoka up to Yuksom through Bakhim and Sachen. Visit The Site: artdailymagazine

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The most significant part was provided in the hands of Thrillophilia reviews on Trustpilot. We received the recommendation of the most suitable route and the top tour operator of that GoechaLa Pass Trek. The 10 days included in the Goechala trek were completed in Yuksom, which was the point where we left to return home to Delhi with an operator. However, the lakes of Samiti, with their stunning panoramas that abound from Pandim Peak, were a major attraction that we encountered on the hike. We also loved watching the Sunrise views from Dzongri top of Kanchenjunga, from which the direct view of the mountains with golden hue was seen. The view of Mt. Kanchenjunga, which was the third highest mountain in the world, was also evident. My companions liked the suspension bridge built on the Prekchu River. The bridges called Pha Khola, Tshushay Khola, and Mentogang Khola also gave panoramic views.

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