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Pretty Famous Cat Paintings That Will Make Your Day Better

Who doesn’t love a cat? They are probably the most adorable, lovable, and mischievous little house pets. These little furballs will surely steal anyone’s heart by sitting on windowsills, looking out at their surroundings, or staring down at you from the wall.

Felines have been a significant part of art since ancient times. In addition, they have played an essential role in multiple civilizations of mankind, including the Egyptian civilization, where the cats were celebrated for their grace, poise, elegance, and strength.

Talking about the cat art, and more specifically, cat paintings – have you ever wanted to own a painting of a cat? We have just taken the liberty of collecting five famous cat paintings in art history for you to enjoy. These cat paintings are something that every cat lover would love and will probably make their day better. So, let’s hop on!

Cats – Franz Marc

Paintings of cats by Franz Marc are trendy among art lovers. His cats in paintings are instantly recognizable for their warmth and expressiveness, which come from his love of animals. Marc’s cat paintings usually feature the felines in their natural state – mostly sleeping and grooming.

In this painting titled “Cats,” Franz Marc portrays two little kitties peacefully sleeping on a lawn. Speaking of the artist, it is believed that Marc was genuinely fascinated by the beauty of animals. And, therefore would spend countless hours in the zoo understanding their forms and perfecting his style of painting animals.

Besides his fascination with animals, he was also an artist with great knowledge about colors. In this painting, the artist has used chiefly the primary colors, namely blue, red and yellow, representing masculinity, a cruel world, and femininity. The painting can be a great addition to any home or office space and can make your friends jealous!

Sleeping Girl Aka Girl With A Cat – Pierre Auguste Renoir

Sleeping Girl, also known as “Girl With A Cat” by Pierre Auguste Renoir, is one of the most famous cat paintings ever created by the French maestro. This masterpiece portrays a beautiful young lady resting peacefully on a single sofa while her little kitten rests on her lap – a tender moment captured with absolute perfection.

The intimacy between the lady and her feline friend is palpable, and it’s not hard to imagine that these two knew each other well. Viewers can actually feel the depth of their relationship right through the painting.

Renoir uses lush colors, smooth textures, and warm light to create a tender interaction between a young girl and her pet. With its soothing colors and soft light, this masterpiece by Renoir is an absolute treat for the eyes.

Kittens At Play – Charles Van Den Eycken

If you love to see cats playing, then this masterpiece by Belgian art master Charles van Den Eycken is probably for you. Titled “Kittens At Play,” the painting features three kittens cheerfully playing, a sight for sore eyes.

Known for painting cats and dogs in his native Belgium, this particular painting by the artist is vivid with colors and simple beauty. The painting features two cats in the backdrop playing among themselves, while a cat in the foreground has a ball of yarn rolled in its leg as it stares at someone or something, which is not visible in the frame.

Kittens At Play brings out the warmth and flair of these magnificent creatures. The soft color, subtle contrasts, and gentle tones of the painting exude a sense of joy and happiness. Without a doubt, Van den Eyckens captures our adorable kittens at play.

Motherly Affection – Julius Adam

Cats in art bring us unfathomable joy, as do our children. This painting by German painter Julius Adam captures the deep affection and tender love a cat has for her kitten, similar to the type of beautiful attachment humans have for their children.

In the painting, a mother cat adorably licks one of her kittens, symbolizing unconditional love, while the other two are all set to jump over the wooden fence to get their share of endearment. The picture is a loving scene, very touching, and relatable to viewers of all ages.

This painting proves that there is no love like a mother’s, regardless of the species. In this masterpiece, the artist uses skilled brushstrokes to capture the feline’s affectionate nature in this absolutely stunning work of art. Also, the serene moment of the cat family will warm the hearts of both children and adults alike. This painting is an excellent addition to your home, office, or workplace and can make anyone smile.

The Bottom Line

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