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Pro Tips to Style Your Summer Dresses

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Dressing up for every season and experimenting with fabrics, colours, patterns, and styles should be fun. Yes, in the summers too. 

So, don’t stick to a specific style during summer. You ought to keep an open mind when you get so many styles in summer dresses like fit and flare, shirt dresses, sleeveless styles, sheaths, surplice styles, and many more. That doesn’t mean you must put away past seasons’ floral sundresses and maxi dresses. Remember, you can rock any summer dress with good styling and accessorizing. Plus, it’s always better to make your wardrobe staples last more than a season. 

However, if you lack style inspiration, check the following section and create some gorgeous looks.

Dress down with denim.

You can never go wrong with denim. You can wear your the best fashion sleeveless denim vest or denim jacket with the dress to add some flair. Or, wear a short or medium-length dress with skinny jeans for a relaxed look. If you’re up for creating an easy, breezy, boho-chic vibe, tuck your dress into the shorts to make it look like a blouse.   

Add a blouse to the dress.

Blouses and tops can look great with your summer dresses. You must wear a well-fitting button-up blouse under your dress to get a stylish and smart look. 

Pairing the dress by wearing the blouson or elastic waist top over the dress can create a simple and cute look. If you like a more casual style, wear an oversized top over your dress and tie a knot at the waist. For a semi-casual look, try a structured blouse that mimics a jacket.

Layer with tank tops and jackets.

Tank tops are summer staples that can entirely change your summer dress’s look. If you have a tank with embellishments and laces, you can wear it under a dress for extra flair. You can also create a sportier appeal with a casual tank or a breezy vibe with your oversized tank.

For the summer evenings, you can try a cropped jacket or a shirt jacket that would add to the dimension without interfering with the silhouette of your dress.  

Accessorise creatively.

First, consider some statement jewellery pieces to go with your summer dress. For an upscale feel, you can try big, bold, chunky necklaces and danglers. Or, you can wear simple bangles and studs for a toned-down look.

Next comes the bag. Use a linen cloth or rattan bag to create a timeless look for your long and light summer dress.

Many like to wear a hat to break the monotony and add a bit of detail and dimension to the long dress. You can pick a hat that matches the colour of the dress. So, if you’re wearing an orange, pink, white, or beige coloured dress, pair them with natural-toned hats.

Be creative with shoes.

Shoes take dressing a notch higher. Even a casual summer dress can look elegant with high heels. If you want a more chill vibe, gladiator heels are a must-have. If you want to ditch the heels, casual sneakers and push wedges can do just fine. So, you can also create any look according to your mood with your embellished flip-flops, tennis shoes, slingbacks, or fancy espadrilles. 

Dressing in the summer heat can be challenging, especially if you’re not picking the right outfits. You can eliminate all your fashion woes and amp up your fashion game with something as simple as a summer dress and style it any way you like. Always remember nothing looks more stylish than being comfortable and confident.