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Pros and Cons of Contested and Uncontested Divorce in Tacoma, WA

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Going through a divorce can be one of the toughest times in your life. In most cases, a divorce will include long and tedious court hearings and heated exchanges between the two parties involved in a divorce. 

If you are someone pursuing a divorce or planning to file one, then it is crucial that you research the procedures of divorce laws in Tacoma. 

Since the federal laws can change from state to state or even county to county in some rare situations, it is of top priority that you seek expert advice regarding your divorce case and the possible outcome it can yield. 

A Tacoma Divorce Attorney is the solution to all the problems regarding your divorce queries. 

Contested Divorce

There are mainly two types of divorce concerning the kind of hearing process involved: contested and uncontested divorce. 

In a contested divorce, one spouse will not oblige to the terms and conditions of the separation. In such cases, the parties are to approach a court for the resolution of the dispute.

The court will hear the cases in multiple sessions and give a verdict based on the witnesses and evidence produced by both parties. 

If you need to win the case, then it is vital that you hire an experienced attorney to represent you on your behalf before the court. 

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce, like the name suggests, is a divorce case that is usually concluded through a mutual agreement between the parties. 

In an uncontested divorce, both parties must agree on all the aspects of divorce. This includes wealth distribution, child support or alimony, etc. 

The biggest advantage of uncontested divorce is that it is quick and hassle-free. The expenses involved in this type of divorce are also very low. 

So, if you have an able divorce attorney on your side, then getting separated through an uncontested method is simple and stress-free. 

While you are pursuing an uncontested divorce you will have to produce certain valid documents before the court to legally get separated from the spouse. 

This includes documents like parenting plan, child support agreement, petition for divorce, etc. 

Out of all the documents submitted, it is important that you draft the parenting plan with extra care. Take the help of an able divorce attorney in Tacoma while drafting the parenting plan. It is necessary that you avoid any errors while submitting the documents before the court. 

Summing Up:

These are some of the important points to ponder regarding contested and uncontested divorce. Make sure you hire the most eligible attorney to defend your case and bring it out as a success.