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Reasons for promoting pretend play among children

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Children’s development is essential. Physical and cognitive development begins early, and one of the most important aspects of a child’s development is toys. Observing, imagining, and doing are ways children learn and improve their skills. Several theoretical researchers have also identified the importance of pretend and imaginative play in the normal development of a child. 

Creativity brings out the best in a child, and carefully selected pretend play sets are ideal for the child’s overall development.

Young children’s play-based learning and development is now widely accepted by practitioners. To see children engaged in imaginative play, look no further than any Early Years or Primary School. They may be racing around the room in a sheet of parchment or flying in an aeroplane; they may be a fireman in their engine, parents, dentists, nurses. 

These are the five main ways teachers and parents encourage students to take part in pretending to play each day: 

To instil a sense of wonder and awe in the minds of children. 

According to research findings, early pretend play sets enhance children’s cognitive flexibility and creativity. Children have the opportunity to practise using their ideas, to exercise their brain or train it to think outside the box, and to learn to think for themselves by involving in an imaginative game. 

To aid in the development of social and emotional skills. 

To put it another way, when a child pretends to be someone else or manipulates an object, they are essentially going to experiment with the emotional and social aspects of life. They learn how to empathise, cooperate, be responsible, and share responsibility due to this experience. Children begin to recognise and respond positively to other people’s feelings as they mature and have more possibilities for experimental pretend play. 

Cooking in the Mud 

What better place for children to unleash their imaginations than in a Mud Kitchen? Children’s self-esteem and awareness grow tremendously as a result of pretend play. The achievement that you might be anything you want by acting gives children a sense of freedom, and they love it! Taking risks in a safe and comfortable place is a great way to build self-confidence and experimentation. Pretend play gives children a safe space to explore their emotions, both good and bad. In some cases, they learn how and where to modulate the effects of these feelings, deal with them favourably, regulate their behaviour, understand common courtesy and a good attitude, and reduce aggressive behaviour. 

To enhance one’s ability to communicate both orally and in writing. 

Children’s interactions with their peers are fascinating to watch. They’re always using words and phrases that one didn’t even know they could! They’re also very good at imitating their parents, caregivers, and teachers, making for some hilarious moments! Kids learn about the power of language through pretend play, and it’s an excellent way for them to experiment. It also teaches them that words can be used to reenact situations, convey a message, and get their point across. An excellent way for children to learn new words is through pretend play. The more scenarios they are exposed to, the more possibilities for expanding their vocabulary! 

To aid in the growth of one’s body. 

Besides the cognitive benefits, it’s essential to keep in mind that pretend play often is physical, and it’s a way for children to exercise, build their motor skills and become more physically active. Athletes and gymnasts of all ages put their gross motor skills to work in the school playground, as pilots fly their planes around, firefighters climb ladders, and good guys chase baddies over play equipment while horses gallop all over fields and over jumps. Putting on a doll’s clothes, dishing out tokens to pay for purchases they’ve made in a store, or whipping up recipes using “ingredients” dug up from the sandpit all require delicate balance and coordination between the hands and eyes.

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