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Reasons to use candidate skills testing in recruitment

While the work demands that recruiters find and match amazing candidates to the role, the reality is that it’s tough to achieve this every single time. Recruiters must take on the support of candidate skills testing software to assess applicants beforehand. This is called pre-employment skills testing.

Let us discuss why this is important.

Recruiters work with hundreds of candidates. And experienced recruiters know from experience that not all job seekers are armed with the skills required for the role they are aiming to fill. Or maybe they are highly skilled in one area but lacking in many others. But how can a recruiter or the hiring company possibly confirm this?

The task of ensuring the final candidate has the right set of skills and will be able to execute the job responsibilities can be accomplished through skills tests. Online skills testing software is the perfect tool to use to measure aptitude, ability, and attitude.

Skills testing candidates allow recruiters to put forward the best applicants to their clients. It is important to ensure that the candidates are talented, qualified and well-suited for the role. That’s why recruiters ask that candidates participate in the pre-employment skills assessment tests.

These evaluations in the skills testing software comprise of various tests that analyse how well an individual is informed about certain subjects.

Additionally, it is not just the technical skills that recruiters and hiring companies want to gauge the candidates on. The final candidate must be a great match when it comes to cultural fit.

This points to the importance of having employees who are not disruptive, who blend well in the current company structure and get along with their colleagues. A disorderly employee who is always a cause for concern upsets the equilibrium of the company. Psychometric skills testing helps make sure that each candidate’s leadership skills, collaborative and problem-solving abilities are tested and confirmed.

What do skills testing consist of?

Assessing candidates comprises finding the right skills tests to pair with the job role. What this means is that for an accounting role, candidates must take Accounting skills tests while they may be asked to sit for MS Office or Data Entry tests for an admin position.

The process of assessing candidates’ abilities and strengths is easy when working with good skills testing software. All recruiters need to do is choose the relevant test from among the library of tests available. Then they can email the test link to their candidates who will be able to take the test from anywhere.

It is extremely convenient for both recruiter and candidate as it is a more efficient and time-saving way of skills testing. Using online skills testing software helps to completely bypass the often long-drawn-out process of organising the testing. What would take days is now completed within a few minutes.

Recruiters can simply choose the test, send it and then go about their day. As for candidates, they have the benefit of taking the test from home or anywhere suitable to them. As long as they have access to the internet, they can sit for the test using any of their computer devices.

Online skills testing means that results are automatically generated by the software and dropped into the recruiter’s inbox. The whole process is quick, painless and efficient.

Some of the most popular tests from robust skills testing software are –

  • Literacy skills tests
  • Numeracy skills tests
  • Typing skills tests
  • Accounting skills tests
  • Data Entry skills tests
  • Psychometric skills tests
  • Microsoft Office skills tests

The tests are anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes long. Each test is divided into different difficulty levels – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. Recruiters can choose the appropriate level according to the needs of the job.

A final tip – it pays well to have recruitment agencies ensure their skills testing software integrates smoothly with their recruitment software CRM. This helps make the work easier.