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‍For those of you who weren’t even aware that there was a new feature in Android called Picture Pics Lundentechcrunch, then you are in for a surprise — it’s the ability to capture your favorite moments, selfies, and thoughts with a single tap! BlackBerry announced Picture Pics (PM) as part of its recent smartphone update, so now all you have to do is download the application from the Play Store and installed. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to pull out your camera roll or take a bunch of picture dailies. Instead, what we have here is the ability to snap a pic with only your fingertips. Yes, it’s super easy to use and takes only seconds. What’s more? You can set multiple triggers for when your fingers land on the camera roll — perfect if you want to get back-to-basics without coming across as an obsessed phone camera aficionado. If you are looking for ways to create photo narratives and share your best moments with friends then check out these 10 tips:

Write down your thoughts

One of the things that stand out about the creative process of many young designers is their inability to write well. This is maybe because they have a poor understanding of word usage or writing style, or even worse, a lack of basic knowledge about how to utilize various tools and techniques. In fact, the average male user of a digital camera can only take about ten shots before anyone in earshot can take a shot or two with their device. What’s more, this is true for digital photography — most of us will have a poor ability to effectively use digital photo editing tools. You can try out these tools to make your shots look more professional, but in all likelihood, you’ll be just as lost without any structure or guidelines on how to use them. So, try this out and give yourself some grace before sending your first few photos. Once you feel comfortable with the tools, you can implement them more effectively and use them to your advantage.

## Use Body Language

As we mentioned above, the human body is an amazing tool when it comes to communicating with and negotiating with other people. This is especially the case when you are both face to face and in a social setting. If you are in a group setting or drinking coffee with a bunch of your friends, you are likely going to have many moments where you are thinking about the people you are communicating with and having a hard time finding the right words to say. You might even end up using a number of words that you simply aren’t sure you would ever use in a formal setting. So, try to stay away from using those words in conversation — instead, focus on using the body language we mentioned earlier. Just make sure that you are using it correctly!

## Frame the Moment

As we mentioned above, capturing those moments in your photos is everything. Now, frame them so that you can not only show them but also use them as a catalyst for talking about what happened that moment. This is something that any creative process needs — to feed off of, in fact, is the idea of a creative process. When you frame a photoshoot, you are essentially showcasing all the moments that made your shot and what happened during it. So, put your best foot forward and let your best shot shine, displaying all the details that make your shot particularly beautiful. Frame the moments so that they are more than just a snapshot of your moment. This means that you must create a different frame for each occasion you take the shot. This holds for both the frame itself and the image quality — you are effectively enhancing the image by using your new frame to sell the image. So frame the best and leave the rest for the inevitable!

## Teach Your Kids To Write

As we mentioned above, kids are particularly good at making up their own minds when it comes to how they want to be portrayed. This is why they are such great writers. From their own experiences to other’s, they are all capable of coming up with their own take on events and situations that they experience. So whether you are a parent who wants to create reading-friendly moments for your kids, a friend who wants to encourage and support your kid’s writing, or a peer who wants to learn from you and encourage you to write, there is no disputing the fact that having access to this creative process is definitely a blessing. So, whether you are the parent who wants to provide reading-friendly reading activities or the friend who is looking to encourage and/or shame you for taking such risks with your ideas, you have nothing to worry about — since there’s a name for that in the business of storytelling: storytelling.

## Create A Photo Narrative

As we mentioned above, it can be really difficult to take the first few photos in a new setting when you are just taking one picture at a time. To make the process easier, we have the ability to capture multiple images at once. This makes the process of creating a photo narrative much easier — you no longer have to take two or three photos at different angles and in different scenes to give your story a true sense of focus. All you need to do is just take a single picture that encapsulates the essence of your shot, and then you can use that single image as the basis for a visual story that you would like to tell. So, take your first picture of each landscape with your phone and then create a photo narrative around that photo. Take photos of the environment in which you are photographing, the smells, the sounds, and then use those elements as vehicles for your visual story. If you are looking for ways to create photo narratives and share your best moments with friends, check out these 10 tips:

## Ask For Feedback And collaborating with your friends is easy — even if your friends are all professionals. In fact, there are so many ways you can benefit from having a small, collaborative team, you might just want to invite everyone over for a photo shoot. You can try out these tools to make your shots look more professional, but in all likelihood, you will be just as lost without any structure or guidelines on how to use them. So, try this out and go through these techniques so that you can add a bit of structure and control over how often you take photos — especially if you are finding it more difficult to capture the occasional one yourself.