Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty

Rib cartilage augmentation surgery is a rhinoplasty that uses cartilage from the patient’s own body to strengthen the nose from the base to the tip of the nose. This type of surgery can use 100% of the internal rib cartilage of the body, or it can be combined with the use of silicone for partial rhinoplasty. We do not use rib cartilage from donations. All cartilage is extracted from the patient only for maximum naturalness and prevention of side effects. In the past, rib cartilage was used to correct a short nose that had undergone plastic surgery and an infection. But nowadays, rib cartilage is not only used to increase the height of the nasal axis. increase the length of the nose shape and increase the tendency of the tip of the nose only. It is also used to create harmony and balance to the face. So after the surgery Patients with protruding mouth and enlarged cheekbones and jaws will also be corrected.

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“Nose surgery is like building an architecture which requires a strong structure from the base to the top. It also requires having art in your heart.” Rhinoplasty is not just about inserting a rhinoplasty onto the bridge of the nose. Rhinoplasty is the most important and challenging part of rhinoplasty as it accounts for 90% of the time it takes for the nose to be designed and structured in harmony with the different parts of the face. Rhinoplasty that does not use external materials Using rib cartilage is the best option for you. However, choosing a competent physician is an important factor because if the rib cartilage is collected by an inexperienced physician, It can cause complications. Collecting 100% bodily cartilage and reconstructing the nose structure is challenging and requires a lot of experience and art at heart to achieve the best results.

Rib Cartilage Rhinoplasty Method

The doctor will use only the rib cartilage that comes from the patient himself. (Not using donated cartilage) to collect rib cartilage from the patient’s body. (different from the rib) The doctor will make an incision 2-3 cm long under the breast rail. The scars from the incision will fade within a few months. The rib cartilage is then used to strengthen the base of the nose structure for a harmonious face.

01) The rib cartilage is abundant.

The human body has 12 rib cartilages that flank each of the anterior ribs. The 6th to 10th rib cartilage is used for rhinoplasty. The 7th piece is the most commonly used. Because it has the most straight shape and can be applied to a wide range of parts.

02) Minimal scars

because the incision was made under the breast rail The scars are therefore very few. This scar is hidden in the crease of the breast and will fade after 6-12 months.

03) Minimal absorption

The rib cartilage tissue collected from the patient is less absorbed compared to the donated cartilage.

04) Resistance to infection

The rib cartilage that comes from the body is resistant to infection, so it can be used for people with very low noses or people who need to correct their noses who have undergone plastic surgery. It is also a material for implants that are often used to correct a deformed nose. Infected nose, constricted nose (upturned tip), and short nose

05) Rib cartilage uses special technology to prevent deformation. asymmetry, absorption, scarring and for tissue lengthening

It is extremely important to choose a doctor who is highly experienced and has a lot of research. If the rib cartilage is picked up by an inexperienced doctor, it can cause many problems. This is due to training in the collection and sharpening of rib cartilage. Design and structure of the nose as well as creating an understanding of the art of the human body All of them are important to learn and practice.

Will there be scars around the ribs?

Are you worried about scars around the ribs? It is normal for you to fear scarring after rib cartilage removal surgery. Plastic surgery uses a very small incision (2-3 cm) by using a special technique to solve the scar problem by making an incision along the same line as the line under the breast. causing scars to appear almost invisible and if the incision is properly taken care of after the surgery The scars will eventually fade away.

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