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Save your Farmer Markets on Farmers Market Insurance

With Farmers Market Coverage, you get comprehensive liability insurance designed specifically for farmers selling products directly to consumers. This means that you won’t need to purchase separate commercial general liability, auto, workers compensation, and employers liability insurance. Instead, you can add this endorsement to your existing homeowners’ policy. And because it comes with its own deductible, you save money while still getting full benefits.

To learn more about Farmers Market Coverage, visit www.insuranks.com/farmers-market-insurance.

Who Needs to Buy Farmers Market Insurance?

If you’re planning to open a stand at a farmers market, here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind before buying this endorsement:

1) You must operate out of a permanent location. Temporary structures like tents aren’t covered under this endorsement.

2) Your farm must meet USDA standards for processing meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, honey, maple syrup, and fish. If you plan to offer any nonperishable foods, you will also need to comply with state regulations governing the sale of those types of products.

3) You should check whether your county requires permits for temporary sales operations. Some counties do not allow sellers to set up shop without first obtaining a permit.

4) Most importantly, make sure that you understand what kind of risk management tools you already have available to protect yourself against losses caused by third parties. For example, if you’ve purchased crop hail insurance or flood insurance, you might already have enough coverages to help you deal with potential damages resulting from natural disasters.

5) Finally, remember that Farmers Market liability insurance isn’t intended to replace all of your other forms of insurance. Instead, it’s meant to supplement them so that you can better prepare for unexpected events.

How Much Does Farmers Market Insurance Cost?

Farmers Market Coverage costs between $50-$75 per year. It depends upon which level of coverage is selected. To find out more pricing information, don’t hesitate to visit www.insuranks.com/farmers-market-insurance.

What Is Covered Under Farmers Market Insurance?

The following items are typically included within the scope of Farmers Market Coverage:

  • Liability protection for bodily injury and property damage claims arising out of the operation of your stand.
  • Workers’ Compensation coverage for employees injured during their normal course of employment. • Auto physical loss coverage for vehicles used in connection with your business.
  • Business income coverage for lost profits due to damaged inventory.
  • Personal Property Protection coverage for equipment owned by you but rented to others.
  • Medical Payments coverage for injuries sustained by customers who become ill after visiting your stand.
  • Legal defence expenses incurred when defending lawsuits brought against you for personal injury or property damage.

Is There Any Exclusion From Farmers Market Coverage?

Yes! The following exclusions apply to Farmers Market Coverage:

  • Losses related to the use of motorized vehicles.
  • Also losses involving the storage of hazardous materials.
  • Losses occurring on-premises where no farming activities take place.
  • and losses relating to the sale of food prepared outside of your primary residence.
  • resulting from the failure of an insured person to provide adequate security measures.
  • that occur resulting solely from the negligence of another party