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Should Drugs be legalized?

Drug addiction is one of the biggest problems our world is facing nowadays. Day by day people make different programs, open various organizations that try to prevent drug abuse. At the same time there are many countries that adopt some bills concerning drug legalization. Of course they bring some grounds, but they aren’t so reasonable to justify their decision. The idea of legalizing drugs is as bad as drugs itself. Though there are ill people who really need to take drugs, their legalization would lead to an increase of  many diseases and drug addiction.

   Firstly by legalizing drugs we would increase its addiction. People who were afraid to be caught by police now would feel free to use it.Also there are many people who have never even tried it, because they know that they would break a law. Now they would at least start to think about it. Finally it would be widely spread among teenagers which later would be hard to prevent. There are many companies, organizations who struggle against drug addiction and after legalizing drugs their whole work would have been done in vain, because people wouldn’t even pay attention to their warnings.

The second problem which is closely connected with the first one, is the increase of various diseases. We all know that there are many harms and illnesses that drugs can bring with them, but we can’t imagine how dangerous they are. Among the diseases, most of which are incurable, are lung cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, brain hemorrhage, nosebleed, hepatitis B and so on.Also drugs cause physical changes to some nerve cells (neurons) in the brain. Imagine that after legalizing drugs with the increase of its users the number of these kinds of diseases would also grow.

Of course, most people are sure that the legalization of drugs has its pluses. There are many ill people who simply need to take drugs. People suffering from anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression or other mental illnesses use drugs to ease their pain. There are many doctors who treat their patients with medical marijuana and most of them have claimed that this drug  has improved their overall quality of  life. The doctors themselves find it important that drugs be used judiciously under the care of a supervision which often can’t be controlled. But actually these people can buy drugs by just showing a paper confirming their illness.

So the countries that want to legalize drugs must think once more taking into account some important details. They must realize the dangers that can bring the legalization of drugs. It can increase the amount of drug users which will lead to growth of many dangerous diseases. Surely we must acknowledge drug legalization when it concerns those ill people who have the right to take drugs. But this case doesn’t justify the legalization of drugs. So let’s be more sensible and protect our society. Medicine is growing and developing.Time always puts everything in its place․Who would have thought that the time would come when people would create medical applications and processes that were done manually would be automated.In addition, it is now convenient to use medical scheduling tools to organize the work in the clinic.If planned to have a website it is easy to use wordpress scheduling plugin.

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Let’s remember that there are a few key takeaways. First, legal drugs are not necessarily safe drugs. This is something that, as a society and as individuals, we have to realize. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean that it couldn’t cause harm. We tend to look at things that society views Supposevorably as not being as bad as something illegal, but that’s just not the case.