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Signs That The Insurance Company’s Offer is Too Low 

Getting hurt due to someone else can be painful. The injury caused can affect you in the long-run while affecting other aspects of your life. Whether you have been in a car accident, work injury, truck accident, or anywhere due to someone else’s negligence, the insurance company will be responsible for paying the settlement amount. 

The harsh truth is that the insurance company will never be on your side, even if they seem very caring and concerned. They are trained well to limit their liability and pay as little as possible. 

Many victims fear that the first settlement offer by the insurance company is the maximum amount they can get and hence, settle for it. However, before you rush and settle the offer, discuss it with Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys. An attorney can ensure that the company does not exploit your rights and receive fair compensation. 

Look out for these signs indicating that the settlement offer is very low: 

  • The insurance company offers settlement in a few days of the accident. 

The insurance company is too quick to send a settlement offer, mostly before you get a chance to talk to your lawyer. The company needs to research the accident, the damages you incurred, and consider all the expenses. If the company offers settlement too fast, it is the first red flag. 

  • They do not consider the evidence. 

If you have submitted all the evidence of your injuries and damage, yet the insurance company neglects it and offers a meager settlement is a clear sign that you are getting lowballed. 

  • The company forces you to accept the settlement. 

When the insurance company is aware that you deserve higher compensation than what they offer, they will pressure you to accept the offer. 

  • The insurance adjuster blames you. 

The company will try its best to find any evidence to blame you so that you accept the low settlement offer. It is vital to talk to your attorney to discuss who is entirely at fault. 

  • The insurance company does not justify a low settlement offer. 

You hold all the rights to ask the insurance company how they came to the settlement amount and their considerations. If you notice the company does not respond or avoid giving justifications, seek help from an attorney. 

It is crucial to know that the insurance company will use multiple tactics to lower your claim. Worse, they will even stop communicating with you and entirely blame you. Your lawyer can help represent you while talking to the insurance adjuster and give you peace of mind.