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Signs you Should Never Neglect to Keep your Heart Healthy

There are many warning signs that come with certain health problems. One such medical condition is heart disease. According to experts, symptoms of heart diseases are not just limited to chest pain, some of them don’t even happen in your chest. Being overweight, having high blood sugar, and high cholesterol can also create heart problems. To ensure that you and your family are financially secure in times of emergency that may occur due to a heart issue or any other health problem, you must go ahead with the best health insurance plan in India. Besides this, there are some warning signs that you must consider to keep your heart healthy. Let us give you the names of such signs.

  • Discomfort of Chest

It is the most common warning signal of a heart attack. Chest pain occurs when your heart artery is blocked. You feel tightness and pain in the chest. Thus, if you feel the same pain, rush to your nearby doctor and get it checked.

  • Pain in the Stomach, Nausea, Indigestion

Some patients even do vomiting when they face the signs of a heart attack. Also, you may face problems like indigestion, congestion of the stomach, bloating, etc. If you feel these symptoms, it may be a sign of a heart problem, thus you must get it checked by the doctor.

  • Spread of Pain to the Arm

When the pain moves to the left side of the arm, it is also considered the warning sign of a heart attack.

  • When you Feel Lightheaded

Sometimes you lose your balance and feel dizzy or lightheaded. This may occur due to weakness or dehydration in the body. But sometimes, it is the signal of a heart attack.

  • Jaw Pain

The muscular issue or cold mostly causes jaw pain. But the pain that occurs in the chest may spread to your neck, jaw, or back and can be a warning signal of a heart attack. You must seek medical attention for this condition.

  • Sweating

Breaking down a cold sweat without any reason is a warning sign of a heart attack. If these signs happen, call 911 quickly to reach the hospital.

  • Swollen Legs, Feet, and Ankles

Swollen legs, ankles, and feet are the symptoms of a heart problem. This occurs when your heart does not pump enough blood back into the veins, thereby causing bloating. This may result in heart failure because it is difficult to remove the excess amount of water from the kidneys.

  • Irregular Beating of the Heart

It is normal for your heart to race when you’re nervous or more excited. But, if you feel that your heart is beating fast than normal, then you must consult a doctor. It is mainly caused when you do not take enough sleep that your body needs.