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Simple Author Box: Publish Great Content And Give Credit Where It’s Due

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Information often has greater importance when it is known who delivered it. When creating content for a website, it is important to share relevant resources and the author of the articles. Every article should be associated with an author. That is why author boxes have a special place on a webpage.

Author boxes are helping authors to make a better connection with readers. They contain information about the author, his/her previous work related to the article content, other experiences, and contact details.

Author boxes add authenticity and credibility to the website, as well as professionalism to the author’s work. They offer authentic and relevant information about the author and can help with article organization on the website. They also help the traffic of the website, improve SEO, and the search for articles and authors on the web.

There are many author box plugins that can make this step of the website creating process easier.

Simple Author Box is one of the most used and the simplest plugins on the market.

Simple Author Box is a very simple plugin developed for WordPress websites. It is easy to apply on any template and allows you to make any adjustments and customizations.

It creates a responsive author box, displaying correctly on any device. This author box can contain all important information about the author, with easy adjustment and the option to change and add any detailed description.

You have full control over the information shown and the style used. Select the font style and family, the color of the text in the box, image, or background; everything is also adjustable with CSS code.

One of the most interesting features is the feature for guest authors. This feature allows other authors to contribute to the website and get credit without having a WordPress account.

Simple Author Box also helps with assigning co-authors.

It allows making a stronger connection between the readers and the author, which should result in more articles read.

This plugin integrates with many others, and it supports many social media sites.

This plugin is very easy to install with a straightforward dashboard for customization. Fonts, colors, backgrounds, images, and details about the author can be assigned and changed an infinite number of times.

Simple Author Box comes in a free and pro version, both with the guarantee of enriching the website.


Author boxes improve the website’s look, performance, and traffic. Detailed information about the author is important for a better connection with readers who want to know the messenger and their resources. Author boxes prove that the article is authentic and that the author is valued for their work.